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  1. Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Family X-mas
  2. Common ft. John Legend - Faithful Common ft. John Legend And Kanye West - They Say Common - The Light Common ft. Mary J. Blige - Come Close
  3. I saw it on Oprah show. I can reply a rubiks cube, but only one color/one side:/
  4. He's at the end of the movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7Pa74OcUGA (Did he ever break his leg?)
  5. I think I have it. When I find it I'll give you a call. I've got one BIG request: Common ft. Mary J. Blige - Come Close. (I have to get into Common's stuff)
  6. I do not crearly understand what you're trying to say. Luda tryed to dissrespect Common?
  7. Quite interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_2rdrtAXg8...related&search=
  8. Thanks, maybe somehow, someway I'll be able to watch it.
  9. Answer with ironic meaning? Even if he read a bunch of books about swimming, he wouldn't be able to swim without practice. Maybe he don't need this. I can't swim:\ btw Michael Jordan is nonswimmer (he also suffer for an arachnophoby - spiders stuff).
  10. Thats Jungle fever :lol: Got Ya! Hahahaha, yes I know:) I was just playing dumb. Anyone know where I can find this particurarly movie? Youtube hasn't got it:( Or maybe somedoby have got it?
  11. I haven't seen it yet, also I can't find it on youtube. Oh, do not forget that he was also a good singer....... "She has got jungle beaver.....":D
  12. Curtis Mayfield ft. Lauryn Hill - Here But I'm Gone + a few songs from "Sister Act" movie.
  13. Yeah...that would be nice! Thanks in advance... My friend gave me back my cds. As I said: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e81mb8
  14. I'm glad that Will makes movies like this. About the youtubemovies.... they're touching. Another prove that ppl can do huge things.
  15. Jay bought out the forum because we talk about him so much. He can do that, ya know, cause he is the "CEO of Hip-Hop". Jigga please. I saw commercial with him. At the end was a statement: "President of hip hop".
  16. Oh yea, I misunderstanood your request. I have only live version, if you want it I'll put it here when my friend give me back my cds.
  17. I have but please be patient cause I borrowed cd with this song to my friend. So fresh from sofia could you upload Damien MArley performance?
  18. haha yeah :)) , actually i cut it there ... i dont know maybe i 'll upload later ... It'd be something.
  19. I know the song but I haven't seen this. I'll check it later. Thanks.
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