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  1. In some ways i have to say i agree with you. i admit that i was one of those kids, i saw Men In Black, loved it and brought Will Smith's BWS album because of the song "Men In Black". but i was 11 when the album came out and from what i can remember it is the first time i truely knew what Rap was, but unlike most of the "kids" who brought the album just because of "Men In Black" i have brought all of Will Smith's Albums on the day of release since, and the first Rap song i ever remember hearing was "Boom! Shake The Room" back when i was in First school at the age of 7, as it was used in one of the scene's for the school play (which i was in :wickedwisdom: ), and at the time i had no idea who it was, but it obviously made an impression on me because Will Smith's BWS album was the first Rap album i ever brought and i have been a fan of his music ever since and i'm now going back and buying any "DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince" album whenever i can find them, so far i have only managed to find "Code Red". But Will does have a different Fan Base to acts like 50 cent, i think Will has an older generation of fans, who brought his and Jeff's albums, and still buy Will's albums because of them being Fan's of his music. why? he is just doing what he loves and he has a right to do that! just because he doesn't sell as many records as 50 cent or G(ay) Unit etc, doesn't mean he should stop doing what he loves, he has fans and i'm sure he appreciates them alot more then 50 does.
  2. This sounds like a really kool idea!! How's it progressing so far?
  3. Age: 19 Male 1.Do you have internet access at home? Yes 2.In the past month have you downloaded music? Yes 3.In the past month have you bought a CD? Yes
  4. Well Jeff & Will are talking bout doing new JJFP all the time... maybe we wont have to wait that long. if that happened that would be so sweet.
  5. when i'm at home it is mostly my Computer and when i'm out and about it is usually my Creatize Zen Micro. i still use my portable CD Player though sometimes. i like to keep it Old Skool now and then :lolsign:
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    where would i find the Rare Tracks? yeah J-o-e where is this :stickpoke: :kekeke: btw welcome V1NN13 u can watch live performs from Will and Jeff( 46664 concert ) here http://www.tiscali.co.uk/music/features/46664_2005.html enjoy Thanks Dude.
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    where would i find the Rare Tracks?
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    Hi, i'm new to the forum and thought creating this topic would be a good way to introduce myself. my name is Vinnie, i live in the UK and for the most part, my music taste is rock music, but i like to listen to some rap now and then and my fav rapper is Will Smith, hence why i am here. i know this is my first post, but if anyone knew where i could download a live show or two of either Will Smith or DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, then i would be very greatful, because i never got the chance to see them live. thanks.
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