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  1. ammm.. it look to me like the picture from BWS
  2. [b]nice[/b] but why did you make it?
  3. lets do a chat meeting! i mean like we can pick a date and the hour. and it will be cool! think on it... :afro:
  4. Alfonso is really good dancer!!, did you saw how he danced in the soul train (is it train or dance? i dont know.. im not an american :biggrin: ) episode?he was amazing!. and today was (in the FX channel) the episode when will teachers Jeffry how to dance... it was hilarious! :peace: peace :peace:
  5. i never heard about this channel.. maybe its because i have just basic cabels..
  6. the link for the store doesn't work for me either..
  7. :peace: guys this site is soooo cool!!!! go to the "DJ FRESH" so cool... [url="http://www.warnerbros.co.uk/television/freshprince/index2.html"]the site[/url] [url="http://www.warnerbros.co.uk/television/freshprince/index2.html"]http://www.warnerbros.co.uk/television/fre...nce/index2.html[/url] :peace: peace :peace:
  8. :grouphug: you can hear it in Dont Even Try It from the first album- Hopefully I found domeone who had faith He lifted my ego back up into place His name was [color=red][u]dana goodman[/u] [/color](CHILL!) he thought the song was on track So two weeks later it was out on wax It busted up the charts like a hydrogen bomb Up up up it climbed climbed climbed People eat their words that said I couldn't achieve Now they have no choice bit to believe in me :peace: PEACE :peace:
  9. :dancingcool: [b][color=red]sweet!!!![/color][/b] :dancingcool:
  10. oh yeah... [color=green]GO Celtics!![/color] yeah i know they are really bad but its my "newengland pride" :peace: peace :peace:
  11. yo!!! go [b][color=yellow]maccabi tel aviv!![/color][/b] emperia be'tzahov!!!!!!!! you dont know how much people in israel were happy! and the celebration! and if we already talk about soccer Maccabi Haifa won the championship and last year they were in the champions league (and they kicked Manchester United ass 3:0!!!).. :peace: peace! :peace:
  12. it might be a good idea to open a new shopping spot on the site with like direct links to an jjfp CDs and stuff (from amazon, ebay etc.) so people would not have hard tme to find those things :peace: peace :peace:
  13. ammm... yeah but you can buy it on amazon ( www.amazon.com) thats what i did! and its much more easy to buy it that way than try to find it in stores.. :angel: and sonic1988 LOL i wanted to say it in the last message (i really like twinkle twinkle )..
  14. how can i change (i mean add) a little cool picture to the left side of my messages?.. i tried in my controll but it says i need some permission or something :peace: peace! :peace:
  15. yeah... im looking for the one (to be with be) is one of my favorite! maybe even the favorite..... an i remember that the video clip is awsome 2. ammm....and if you really lik this music you should probably the CD.... (and not to steal it :rock: ) :peace: peace :peace:
  16. oops... i got code red in 2001.. this one is from... maybe last year... i really like this album! :peace:
  17. have a 13th track on the Homebase cd (the ring my bell's mix from "Greatest Hits") although its not on the song list of the album? :dancingcool: or maybe imthe only special one? :dancingcool:
  18. hh.. no its not hindu God its more like "seven wells (you know of water)"
  19. Im from Omer (next to Beer Sheva). ammm..... who is in charge on the forums? because i want my last user name back ( i miss my cool picture from "lovley daze" that suppose to be in the left side of the message) :tear:
  20. thanx everyone! jj+fp2004 me'eifo at ba'aretz? (from where are you in hebrew :peace: ) amm... i know willreign... he is my friend.... im here just for a year, my father works here and im going back in this July..... :peace: peace! :peace:
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