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  1. im 95% sure that will has sampled the jaws theme for a track on the sharktale soundtrack...
  2. personally i love the new forum..and the new colors.. did the old board ever have 150 posts in a day? no maybe 10 or 15... i can actually PM people..and when people PM me a window comes up telling me! everyone click on my controls..many features there i love all the new smilies i can use now 2 i love the control i have over the forums now :wavey: :whip: i think people have a twisted view of the old forum..cause it was there for 2 years..it was basically just white..with a bit of red and green :dunno:
  3. hey top dawg i robot cost 170 million to make...so its gotta make 200 million + personally i think its more a 115 million us box office kinda movie but i hope it surpasses my expectations
  4. okay the next battle is just gonna be individuals.. every1 who wants to join in reply to this topic :peace: im in! :drink: looking forward to my next run in with da brakes :cussing: :cussing: :rbw:
  5. if any1 wants to be a moderator for a particular forum..of if any1 wants to nominate some1 to be a moderator of a particular forum..do it here :peace:
  6. when it came out here.. fresh prince of bel air was off at the time.. so i was excited to see Will.. people at skool were making fun of it.. but i found a few friends who were excited to see it.. i remember seeing will and martin in the shy guy video..and laughing... and the movie was rated MA so i was just able to go see it.. the great thing about this movie..is just the chemistry between will & martin.. thats why it doesnt matter how many times you see the movie over and over its still funny ..and you still laugh... i can still remember just cracking up at that scene in the theatre when martin rings will at his house where theresa answers the phone :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  7. its just a snippet at this stage..im gonna see if i can figure out how 2 stream it but give me a minute...
  8. the one where trevor dies on the bungy jump..that was so unexpected at the time...and when ashley walked past and dropped the yo yo i nearly peed myself
  9. its all abt my peoples my peoples my peoples
  10. here it is courtesy of AJ and [url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com"]http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com[/url] Dont Fight The Feeling.. Produced by Hula & K Fingers circa 92/93 [url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/dftf.mp3"]http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/dftf.mp3[/url]
  11. what u cant except change? its time to get with it maine i did a whole post on the other board new ubb software i couldnt afford and the old forum was clearly outdated so before you came on here and hated you should have checked my long ass post about how i was moving the site to a new host and i even suggested you give me new forum ideas before that 1 die but i didnt even get 1 reply! so quit your complaining or i'll give you a lyrical caning! lets enjoy the new forums and have some fun and get back to the battles so i can claim spot number one :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  12. hey atleast it will encourage people to post more 2 get out of lil willie status :cheesygrin:
  13. and i'd like everyone here to give it up for my man hax im also gonna be able to improve jazzyjefffreshprince.com heaps with polls..mailing lists..just a whole gang of stuff :peace: :peace: :peace:
  14. if u wanna go ahead and just drop a freestyle do it
  15. yeah he has recorded a gang of tracks though..lets just hope that time is sooner rather than later
  16. couple of things..give me some time to figure everything out...i only just installed it...i can change the colors and everything again give me time...there are a lot of advantages to this board..1. u can actually pm people and u get notified when u receive a pm.. check your profile..theres heaps of features.. this also gives me greater control in terms of moderating the forum..letting who see what etc etc.. the ubb board was really old..and i woulda had to pay extra $$$ to upgrade it...get with the times people :hyper:
  17. if everyone puts their birthday in your profile..it actually notifies you when its somebodys birthday at the bottom of the page..and we have a cool calendar where it lists everybodys birthday
  18. dont forget april 20 jazzy jeffs 1st mix cd is released..you can pre-order it at amazon now.. :peace:
  19. hey if you got any fav smilies let me know and i'll upload em...
  20. okay we got the new forums up.. any1 can view the news forum..but you gotta register to view the rest :peace:
  21. Welcome to your new Invision Power Board! This is simply a test message confirming that the installation was successful. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time.
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