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I've just joined this forum and this is late but that Tell Me Why video is fantastic. I would have told you sooner but i was looking for a good DJJFP forum. This one looks great by the way.

Don't look any further...this IS the BEST JJFP Forum on the Internet....

With that being said...Welcome on board man! :1-cool:

:iagree: Yeah, have to agree here, too!

Welcome man! :thumbsup:

PS: Here are never any people who fight about some topics or anything about Will etc. I've been here for a quite time now and neva have seen somebody cursing around, making trouble or neva have seen some people who start to get angry. U see this so often in any other board or any other general boards, too but u neva see it here! U can tell ur opinions without gettin any problems or trouble here. A very great board!!! :switch: :switch:

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I was askin myself the same question.... he hasnt been online for a while now, since december maybe, and 5 months without logging in to youtube....

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Awesome video! Great job. By any chance can you please reupload the video on rapidshare or megaupload. I love the video and I really want to keep it. The rapidshare link in the first post is dead.

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