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Party Starter Video!!!!

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some views from the chat

[] 4:29 pm: haha i just noticed sumthin.. and u notice sumthin new everytime u watch this video

[] 4:30 pm: what's that

[] 4:30 pm: watch what will does during the "praying for the days they would one day praise him.." hilarious!

[] 4:31 pm: what's that?

[] 4:31 pm: look at it

[] 4:31 pm: 1:32

[] 4:31 pm: He pray's gestures to himself, then it cuts to him gesturing to himself again...

[] 4:32 pm: He looks like he's acting like he's got a gun?

[] 4:33 pm: apparently cute girls like a man sitting on a couch with an instrument..

[] 4:33 pm: yeah he does the praying signal and then signals himself ha

[] 4:33 pm: Ahh

[] 4:34 pm: the great thing abt this video

[] 4:34 pm: it has no crunk to it all

[] 4:34 pm: Hahahahahaha

[] 4:35 pm: if they'd done a video like 1 of lil jons every1 would be sayin

[] 4:35 pm: oh wills tryin to do crunk music now yadda yadda

[] 4:35 pm: but hes doin sum very gay lookin line dancin..so take that!

[] 4:35 pm: yea, no doubt

[] 4:35 pm: hahahahaha

[] 4:35 pm: but yeah great video..cant wait to see it on TV

[] 4:35 pm: There's gonna be a plethora of "corny"s thrown out

[] 4:37 pm: Wow, it looks like the video hasn't been dl'ed yet

[] 4:37 pm: oh yeah theyll come at will for the line dancin

[] 4:37 pm: and the rock scene

[] 4:38 pm: actually I should write a blog beofre any1 even has a chance haha

[]: has left at 4:38 pm

[] 4:38 pm: hahaha, yea

[] 4:38 pm: omg hahahaha

[] 4:39 pm: everytime i see this video the more i like it

[] 4:39 pm: hahaha

[] 4:39 pm: what now?

[] 4:39 pm: i just realised will rewound the record for that girl to come back to him haha

[] 4:39 pm: hahahaha, yea... Didn't he use that move in another video? Will2k maybe?

[] 4:40 pm: sum classic FP girlie action goin on

[] 4:40 pm: I love the droppen of bottles of water at the beginning, great contrast to the liquor in other videos

[] 4:40 pm: thats why his name should still be the fresh prince..so jada doesnt get upset

[] 4:40 pm: Yea, when he's macken the girl at the bar

[] 4:41 pm: if i was impartial and i just saw the video on tv.. i think id love it

[] 4:42 pm: Oh definately, peoples jaws are gonna drop when they see it

[] 4:42 pm: Then they'll see the end, not get it, and be like "huh?"

[] 4:43 pm: Then they'll see it again, get blown away again, and start picken up a lot of the little things, and want to see it a third time :)

[] 4:44 pm: Lol, Will releasing new material is, for me, a lot like watching the Colts play... I'm routing for "my team" to "win"

[] 4:44 pm: that shot at 3:36

[] 4:44 pm: of the crazy shadow women haviin a convulsion is awesome

[] 4:44 pm: yep yep

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I can't believe Interscope sprung for this video. It had to cost at LEAST 1 mil+. If L&F has only sold 600k copies so far, say they're maken $3 per copy, that's 1.8 mil. This video had to take up most, if not all of the profits. True, this could (and will) propel a lot of future sales and profits on L&F, but still.... seems awefully risky for a major corp.

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