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Should Will dumb the rhyme a little?

I would much rather Will...  

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  1. 1. I would much rather Will...

    • Give us food for thought (keep it serious, tell us what u think)
    • Dumb the rhyme a little (fun rap dude)

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i think that his serious stuff it usually like

-im not respected

-ive been here forever

-i make movies

-i love my kids/wife

id like to hear some more fun, crazy stories like "everything that glitters aint always gold" "the girlie had a mustache" "i think i can beat mike tyson" and even "then she bit me". i mean if he make silly songs now it doesnt mean he has to write about what he thought was silly when he was 17 years old making songs. it can be a more mature silly/fun.

i mean dont get me wrong i love his serious stuff, some of his best songs are his serious ones, but i mean, how famous would he be if he never put out "parents jus dont understand" or "girls aint nothing but trouble" ?

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I like the more serious stuff because he's showing other rappers that he can still rap even though he's older than most rappers and plus he's letting people know that he's not going to take all the disrespect going around about him.But he should still put in some fun stuff so you can feel more relaxed listening to his music.

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Judging by a lot of the reviews and peoples comments a lot of people are saying they would rather Will go back to the carefree fun rapper and not really address any topics or say what he wants. They think Switch is the best track on the album and they dont understand why Will's so upset. They are saying Will just do what you do best. They would rather Will do an album like Big Willie Style as opposed to Lost and Found.. Tracks like getting jiggy wit it men in black will2k freakin it wild wild west switch over tracks like mr nice guy, lost & found, ms holy roller, the rain etc. Where do fans sit on this topic.. you think Will should go back to fun rap.. or do you think Will should continue in the vein of Lost and Found, saying what he thinks getting stuff off his chest.. do you prefer the more serious Will on the mic,..or do you just want fun party rap tracks to dance too.. Answer honestly and tell us why either way :1-say-yes:

Well, I really love the L&F album because of that! Because he's so serious and he's calling out some real topics and everything what really happens in the world, he's saying what he's thinking and telling the people his situation, the whole situation of the world, of all the bad things that happen - I really like that. U can see/hear that sometimes he's really angry while rapping and he's rapping with so much anger, u hear that he's really meaning what he's saying and not just cheaptalk or something! I JUST LOVE IT!

But on the other hand I think his normal job, normal way of rapping was the little funnier rap, he always rapped the funny way and he can really do that, he can really do that very good! So that's why sometimes I think he should go back to the past, to a little more funnier rapping again but it's not like that that I say he should only do funny rap or only should keep it serious - he should do both. Either way he can do it very well, that's why I like him so much and that's what I want him to do!

So for me it is:

(Points from 1-5, 1=best; 5=worst)

L&F album - 1

Big Willie Style - 1

I like both ways of him and I like every album by him, without any lieing! I also like BTR!!! :kool:

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