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Just saw this film, as many of you know it's by the same peeps as ID 4................but just not as good.
Even Will Smith couldn't save this film.

It's not a terrible film. But you know how ID 4 ended with a fight, this does not.
Basicly, there is a storm and it subsides...............and that's about it.

It's great for the special effects (but not as good as ID 4) and that's all it's good for.

Go see it if you need a sleep for a while, otherwise, stay away. :bang:

If I were you, I'd put off seeing it till the day after tomorrow..............cos it never comes, see?

Infact, the best thing about this film was that there was a trailer for I, Robot that I have not seen. :rock: Edited by the real big willie
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I wasn't even considering seeing this movie...but thanx 4 the heads up. Often these movies that are basically about destruction have pathetic endings. Either cuz the escapism factor is done in a cheezy way or cuz it's based off a true story and real life just isn't that interesting. Like The Perfect Storm...u watch these fellas survive in the ocean during a storm...an hour and a half later...they die. U can't make real life stories be perfect 4 a movie.
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When I saw the trailer for this movie 6 months I thought this was going to be the coolest movie of the summer(outside of I, Robot of course). I was highly disappointed when I saw the movie. The first 45 minutes were pretty good but the rest of it was like hot garbage on wood. I thought the movie was really cheezy and lacked the punch and charisma that ID4 had.

My recommendation? Wait for this movie to go to Blockbuster. I dropped $8.25 on this movie and needless to say I could have found better use for that money.
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