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2018 JJFP.com Peeps Cypher (Add To The Rhyme)

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I just came up with a bright idea to gets ome life back in this forum, I remember back in the days of the JJFP forum of the Numero Uno forum where there was a lot of creativity and that did a lot to motivate me,  I wanna bring that feeling back so without further ado here's a rhyme that i made recently, feel free to add on peeps, let's kick it off!!

as the clocks continue to turn
i'm putting stock into a concern
there'll be major props in the world
end of the days of hurting
the strain of the daily burdens
putting into care like nursing
there's destiny for so much more
time to release and live for what's in store
releasing the hammer on the dance floor
striving for peaceful ways instead of war
more time to open up the heart
instead of living torn apart
there's more of an added charged
manage the advantage large
2018 brings on a brand new start
this feeling rolls true to last
learning from what went wrong in the past
to bring on recording of more tracks
all the importance of a trained staff

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