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anyone like paris?

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I love Paris' song "Days of Old"...i think the rest of his 1992 album waz kinda average. Havn't heard anything other than his 1992 album (which i own).

"Days of Old" is a classic tho." I remember seeing the music video YEARS ago.

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well, I read a few interviews with him... all in all.. a really smart guy... gorillia funk is his record label, I think... his general opinion is similar 2 mine.. I just know a few songs of him. I think I should buy his classic "da evil let me do it" lp... however.. there is also somethin strange about him. On da 1 hand he is ****ing da system.. on da other hand he has a job as a buisness man. It's like Krs makin advertisin 4 nike, or rakim 4 alcohol... can't dis men bein straight in their pholosphie? I would be, so I expect da same from them.

Fresh Stecki

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