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  1. Well, I looked around and couldn't find a topic like this. All you do is state what was the last Fresh Prince episode you watched. Last night I watched the two episodes of Fresh Prince on ABCFamily. The episodes were, "Not I Barbeque" and "Not With My Cousin You Don't". I don't think any of the Fresh Prince episodes will ever get old to me.
  2. Tyrailius

    Last Fresh Prince Episode Watched?

    My most recent episode watched is "Cold Feet, Hot Body" from season 5. It was on VH1 the other day and I watched it. The interaction between Uncle Phil and Will this episode was great, especially with Uncle Phil using analogies to try and help Will make the right decision.
  3. Tyrailius


    It is very unfortunate with the way forums have gone. My own forum Generation Z is struggling as well. It is also a '90s themed board, mainly discussing Power Rangers, but I digress. I will do my best to try and be more active on here. It was one of my favorite forums back in the day and I am finding a little bit more free time with quarantine still taking place here. I will make an effort to be around more. It would be lovely to see boards get revived once again.
  4. Tyrailius

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    I was able to see Bad Boys For Life back in March, right before the COVID-19 quarantine hit here. I actually really enjoyed the movie. There were some plot holes, for sure, but it seemed very nostalgic and I couldn't stop smiling. I was happy to see Captain Howard return along with Will and Martin for this film. It was sad to see him go and I am curious if there will be a Bad Boys 4 (Life) now.
  5. Imagine my surprise when telling my current roommate about the Nightmare On My Street music video and then googling and and realizing it has finally seen the light of day again! I couldn't believe it when I was finally watching what I spent many nights googling, trying to find. I then remembered these forums and here I am again!
  6. I still think I'll pass. I've watched the Boy Meets World sequel "Girl Meets World", and it is okay at best. The Full House sequel, "Fuller House", seems interesting... but I don't think it will do well. Please don't ruin the Fresh Prince concept!
  7. How is it possible I had never saw those Chex Mix commercials before? Also, if I was in the Peach City Ice Cream Co. and Alfonso showed up, I have to be honest, I probably would've yelled, "CARLTON!". It's nice to see what he is all accomplishing.
  8. These posts make my heart happy. Oh, 90's nostalgia!
  9. Tyrailius


    I didn't know about the Heaven theory or the real story behind the handshake. This was a fun post for me to read.
  10. I have been so amped about this tour ever since I heard about it! Honestly, even if they didn't do new music, I would love it. I plan on going, I just hope there is one around here or the Kansas City area. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince with the Roots as the open would be amazing!
  11. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Summertime After spending the past two weeks with below 0 degree weather, we've now had two 60 degree days in a row. Still not as hot as summertime, but spring is hopefully here. Just had to listen to this song with it being such a nice day.
  12. Tyrailius

    Happy 2014!

    Happy 2014! So far today has been pretty relaxing. Hope everyone here had a great New Years!
  13. Tyrailius

    James Avery died

    Rest in Peace, James Avery. I loved him as Uncle Phil and also realize that he did the voice for Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as long as voice acting in several other series. He seemed to have a close relationship with everyone from Fresh Prince, even today. That's saying something considering the cast hasn't been together on set since 1996. Still can't believe he's gone.
  14. Does anyone know if this season will air in the States anytime?
  15. Tyrailius

    JJFP in Dubai

    Seeing Jeff and Will back together again is great. One can only hope they release one last album, yet.
  16. We did have a show like this a few years ago, called "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" and it's the same show. I really hope this one ends up airing in the United States. It'd be worth the watch for Alfonso Ribeiro.
  17. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    The Outfield - Your Love Still a great band.
  18. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    Shinedown - Some Day First time hearing it. It's not bad.
  19. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls I swear I haven't heard this song since the 90's.
  20. Tyrailius

    What do you think of MIB3?

    I saw this when it came out on the 25th. I went to see it at the Drive In which is about 45 minutes away, which made it extra awesome. I liked the movie. It stayed true to the original Men In Black forumla and didn't add a zillion unnecessary explosions like most films do anymore to try and make them seem "more exciting". I think it was well done. My only gripe is I wish we would've seen more aliens.
  21. Awesome videos! It's great to see Will back on the mic again.
  22. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    I'm listening to Far Away by Lecrae.
  23. Tyrailius

    TV legend Dick Clark dies at age 82

    Dick Clark will definitely be missed. It won't be same bringing in the new year without him. Rest In Peace, Mr. Clark.
  24. Tyrailius

    Carlton Dance Flash Mob

    Haha that was awesome! I would've much rather seen them just do the Carlton Dance the whole time though.
  25. Tyrailius

    What Are You Listening To? XXI

    Don't You Wanna Stay - Jason Aldean