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  1. Bumping this while watching world cup haha...
  2. Big daddy Kane just dropped a new freestyle indeed a great time for real hip hop stop sleeping.
  3. Not to forget wyclef recent!y dropped a carnival remix album as well hip hop is living people n if u want that old school LL has that rock the bells station
  4. Happy father's day 2018 will should release a trib to his pops today...
  5. With all the panning of "Get Lit" it's time that I bring fresh perspective. On the most part since "Big Willie Style" the majority of Will's popular songs have been party songs and soundtrack songs with the exception of "Just The Two Of Us", songs like "Tell Me Why" and "The Rain" weren't hits, only true fans like us know them, so unfortunately I could see how casual people could judge him to say he hasn't been lyrical since "Summertime", like he said in "I Wish I made That": "Summer, Summertime seems like all I got". He let his Hollywood career ruin his hip hop image, he's tried to hard to keep up with the times rather than being true to the essence of real hip hop, the same thing has happened to LL Cool J in the last 20 years as well, my other favorite rapper with "Mr Smith" being his last album that his lyrical songs were released as hit singles that's why people think he fell off too, the sad thing is since 2Pac and Biggie died people don't pay attention to albums anymore and the only albums that people pay attention to have had lyrical hit singles, for instance in my eyes people should be saying Willennium is just as soulful as Jay Z Blueprint and LL's 10 should've been as big as 50's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' but they didn't release proper lyrical hit singles...
  6. bigted

    New podcast

    If we do it on Facebook I'm down!
  7. It's fresh for 2018 I think Jeff and amir should be on a new mix for fathers day jjfp family in willennium haha...
  8. Over 10 million listens on Spotify don't call it a comeback! Not even LL cool j does those numbers anymore on his new songs.
  9. I'll have to check that, sometimes I feel that even though legends are still capable of releasing better new material than the current artists they might do better off remastering their classic music n promoting it for the new generation
  10. I know a lot of us here don't like the state of music but there's still quality music out there just gotta dig in the crates since basically 99% of these albums didn't even go gold Krs one the world is mind Keith sweat dress to impress Janet Jackson unbreakable LL cool j authentic Public enemy most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamps TLC TLC Quincy Jones q bossa nostra De la soul anonymous nobody Kel Spencer lndnwd v1 R Kelly love letter Snoop Dogg the bible of love Wyclef Jean carnival 3 Jennifer Hudson I remember me Charlie Wilson in it to win it DMX undisputed Nelly 5.0 Krs one the bdp album Chuck d the black in man Nas Damien Marley distant relatives Busta rhymes year of the dragon Keith sweat til the morning Heavy d love opus Faith Evans biggie the king and I Common the dreamer the believer Michael Jackson Michael DJ jazzy Jeff m3 Dayne Jordan memoirs of... Nas life is good A tribe called quest we got it from here thank you... Game the red album Game documentary 2 Kem intimacy Johnny Gill game changer Ronald isley this song is for u Toni braxton sex and cigarettes John legend the roots wake up Pharrell girl probably the most popular album on my list Lecrae anomaly Mary Mary something big Mary j blige a Mary Christmas Marian Carey the elusive chanteuse Toni braxton babyface love marriage and divorce Public enemy nothing is quick in the desert Honorable mention the DJ jazzy Jeff and mick boogie summertime mixtapes
  11. The hate new music gets is unbelievable if the proper artists got supported music would be in a great state
  12. That's more views than a lot of his hits....
  13. Maybe there'll be a full length version with all of this sudden music now..
  14. Well like Tim mentioned will worked on 7 albums so don't xallbit a comeback
  15. Miracles r happening
  16. bigted

    reactions to Will Smith's Freestyle

    Just imagine the reaction if Jeff backs him up again...
  17. Inspired by ajs Facebook post I posted 10+ albums on Facebook yesterday I'm gonna post more here for us real heads Mj thriller Will smith big Willie style Boyz ii men Cooley high harmony LL GOAT Mc hammer please hammer don't hurt em James brown 20 all time greatest hits TLC crazysexycool Krs one spiritual minded Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA Queen latifah black reign Janet Jackson Janet Quincy Jones back on the block Nas illmatic The Lion king soundtrack Kool moe dee funkee funkee wisdom Slick rick the great adventures of slick rick Prince purple rain Men in black soundtrack Heavy d nuttin but love Aaliyah one in a million Madonna ray of light Black street another level Snoop Dogg rhythm and gangsta New edition home again Dr dre the chronic Beastie boys licensed to I'll Run DMC down with the king Outlast speakerboxx the love below Will smith lost and found Jjfp he's the DJ I'm the rapper LL Mama said knock you out A tribe called quest low end theory Salt n pepa very necessary Mary j blige no more drama Ja rule pain is love 2pac me against the world Public enemy most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps Foxy brown I'll Nana Krs one the world is mind Mc lute lute as a rock Mc hammer inside out Jay z hard knock life Queen latifah order in the court Biggie ready to die
  18. I guess Will's desire for hip hop is stronger than ever.
  19. bigted

    Will's new album

    Jjfp with lost and found edge would lead to bws success
  20. I made a playlist on Spotify of my 100+ hip hop fav albums