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  1. I just came up with a bright idea to gets ome life back in this forum, I remember back in the days of the JJFP forum of the Numero Uno forum where there was a lot of creativity and that did a lot to motivate me, I wanna bring that feeling back so without further ado here's a rhyme that i made recently, feel free to add on peeps, let's kick it off!! as the clocks continue to turn i'm putting stock into a concern there'll be major props in the world end of the days of hurting the strain of the daily burdens putting into care like nursing there's destiny for so much more time to release and live for what's in store releasing the hammer on the dance floor striving for peaceful ways instead of war more time to open up the heart instead of living torn apart there's more of an added charged manage the advantage large 2018 brings on a brand new start this feeling rolls true to last learning from what went wrong in the past to bring on recording of more tracks all the importance of a trained staff
  2. On the day fresh Prince returns in Aladdin I continue my worth of rappin My heart yearns on more passion being righteous is ultimate attraction honeys cling to me like a magnet My new material is stacking It's all worthwhile to be bragging Competition is digging their caskets My albums will be compared to he's the dj I'm the rapper Mama said knock you out the chronic and illmati c You won't sleep on me like a craftmatic You're a toy story stuck in the attic There's all truth in my rhymes Most rappers tell nothing but lies They sniff too much white lines I don't need drugs to mess up my mind They all claim to be the greatest of all time And they lose each battle at the drop of a dime They let the industry Rob them blind I've been mastering my poetry designs Way before 50 was in da club I'm set to expose the fake thugs In this digital era there's no classic material But I won't ever sell my soul big Ted will stay original You never had a friend like me who's the authentic individual
  3. Is there any new hip hop or r n b albums that dropped in the last year that you think would stand the test of time? I try not to be stuck in the p ast but drake or cardi b don't do it for me they make ja rule and nelly sound like big daddy Kane and rakim and vanilla ice sound like 'LL cool j haha
  4. I know a lot of us here don't like the state of music but there's still quality music out there just gotta dig in the crates since basically 99% of these albums didn't even go gold Krs one the world is mind Keith sweat dress to impress Janet Jackson unbreakable LL cool j authentic Public enemy most of my heroes still don't appear on no stamps TLC TLC Quincy Jones q bossa nostra De la soul anonymous nobody Kel Spencer lndnwd v1 R Kelly love letter Snoop Dogg the bible of love Wyclef Jean carnival 3 Jennifer Hudson I remember me Charlie Wilson in it to win it DMX undisputed Nelly 5.0 Krs one the bdp album Chuck d the black in man Nas Damien Marley distant relatives Busta rhymes year of the dragon Keith sweat til the morning Heavy d love opus Faith Evans biggie the king and I Common the dreamer the believer Michael Jackson Michael DJ jazzy Jeff m3 Dayne Jordan memoirs of... Nas life is good A tribe called quest we got it from here thank you... Game the red album Game documentary 2 Kem intimacy Johnny Gill game changer Ronald isley this song is for u Toni braxton sex and cigarettes John legend the roots wake up Pharrell girl probably the most popular album on my list Lecrae anomaly Mary Mary something big Mary j blige a Mary Christmas Marian Carey the elusive chanteuse Toni braxton babyface love marriage and divorce Public enemy nothing is quick in the desert Honorable mention the DJ jazzy Jeff and mick boogie summertime mixtapes
  5. bigted

    Will raps 'Switch' on 'Ellen'

    He actually performs it better now than in 2005 haha!!
  6. bigted

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    Wills turned the clock back fresh Prince is back!
  7. By coming to this board everyday shows I'm a dedicated jjfp fan who loves old school hip hop but that don't mean I wave po m poms for everything they do we all make mistakes but I'll reserve anymore judgement until the album drops hope this is a warm up for commercial heads but fans of classic music want more
  8. I'm well aware it's 2019 I support some of the younger artists like Kendrick Lamar game j Cole n chance the rapper but since I'm over 30 I'm not gonna listen to everything a current teen listens to you're right nobody is perfect if wills new album turns out wack I have the right to be critical all our opinions matter
  9. To all the amazing moms out there thanks you are appreciated
  10. Well in relevance to this song it's a good **** talking song bragging how he's all that but I want some more grown man talk like thoughts on trump and life in general it's good for a warm up but I want a stronger follow-up to lost and found than this after almost after coming here day after day after lost and found dropped my expectation is high
  11. The bar for talent in hip hop has lowered severely over the years I remember how many peeps on the board called 50 cent a wack rapper when lost and found was first out
  12. Can't forget skillz da rebirth n fuq the list is endless lol I wanna see him do something with Quincy jones ron isley n Eddie levert too while they're still alive
  13. What I really wanna hear is something with jjfp potnas dayne jordan, ke l Spencer,da brakes, and yours truly on the hook haha
  14. Another issue some fans have too is that he's featured on a parental advisory album and cussing why wasn't he on all eyez on me then?
  15. Music is music to me it doesn't matter if you're a senior citizen like the ojays or you're as young as chance the rapper but it's just a fact that logic is not as classic as James Brown
  16. I like the song he still got it but obviously this is the first time logic is mentioned on this board so I know most jjfp fans rather see him keep it classic although the song sounds like a home base song
  17. I think more of us would be hyped if he was rapping with de la soul or Pete rock
  18. How many jjfp fans actually listen to logic???!!!
  19. I was listening to 'LL interview dre on rock the bells and they said they recorded a ton of great records over the years that never released publicly and dre mentioned he's been talking to jazzy Jeff recently about returning to his dj roots btw I wonder if will was involved with any unreleased sessions over the years I would love to hear 14 shots to the dome 'll with code red jjfp and chronic dre on some tracks it would be legendary
  20. See some peeps posting for the first time in awhile good to see jjfp peeps still repping
  21. We've been waiting since 2005 for a follow-up to lost and found enough with the Latin tracks and drop a strictly hip hop album already....
  22. bigted

    Easter 2019

    I know that the forum isn't really popping much these days but almost every morning I come on here praying for some jjfp news and on this Easter weekend 2019 I'm playing homebase among other classics dreaming of the return of the essence of hip hop well I'm gonna get off the soapbox with this rant to whoever reads this post thanks for taking your time out to debate the state of the game over the years and prayers for a resurrection of the music industry on resurrection weekend 2019 blessings jjfp fam
  23. bigted

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    The Steve Harvey morning show
  24. Long time no see Jim hope you're well brother! Btw this is probably the best drink champs besides the 'LL cool j one from a couple years ago...
  25. bigted

    It's the end of 2018...no new album yet

    Tomorrow is 14 yrs since lost and found