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  1. bigted

    It's the end of 2018...no new album yet

    It's a week until his birthday God willing he'll do some music related things this week the clock is ticking...
  2. bigted

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Hey Tim you're finally on the board we need to update the site dude
  3. bigted

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Summertime 10 happy labor day
  4. bigted


    I thought that scarface died that scared me for a moment I'm sure that he'll come back to music evento
  5. I really thought an album was coming after the from da south rehearsal dropped a couple months ago but now I just don't know such a shame I wish he'd quit the foolish stunts and give us real fans what we want
  6. bigted

    It's the end of 2018...no new album yet

    Well it'll stream at an all time high he's got a big buzz
  7. bigted

    It's the end of 2018...no new album yet

    If Will drops a new album soon enough after the massive success of Aladdin and the soundtrack this could be an all time seller I don't know what he's waiting on drop it already....
  8. ...and did he mention jjfp? You fugue that he would since he's been down with will and jeff since Showtime Lakers
  9. bigted

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    Thanks for that notice I'll look for it
  10. bigted

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    When is Aladdin going to blu ray release?
  11. bigted

    Nas - Lost Tapes 2

    Maybe some of the younger rappers put out good music and maybe I set the bar high for hip hop after being raised as a child during the 1980s and 1990s golden age
  12. Now we get on song references big ted is 'born t o reign' like the fresh Prince like hammer I'm 'too legit to quit' Like Pac it's 'me and my girlfriend ' 'making it last forever ' like Keith sweat ' Sing for the moment ' like Eminem Like cool j i 'rock the bell's Shorties are like tlc delivering the 'red light special ' Reminiscing to when run dmc was 'raising hell' Naugh ty by nature said to 'guard your grill' This is gonna be more known than sias 'cheap thrills' A certified classic like beastie boys 'licensed to lill' all the sweethearts I'm 'killing softly ' like lauryn hill I made a song called 'I never give up' Since like heavy d I got 'nuttin but love' Like ja rule and case I'm 'living it up' We need ja and 50 to 'squash the beef' and make hits together ' in da cclub' Like rakim I 'check out my melody' Its a shame what happened to r Kelly Songs like ' I believe I can fly' and 'down low ' inspired me What a talented wasted, like kid n play taking it 'back to the basics' Having you all say ' welcome back ' like mase did taking you to the Brooklyn basement like when biggie was h mypnotising I'm too real for American idol since like krs I kick knowledge like 'self destruction '
  13. bigted

    Nas - Lost Tapes 2

    Sure this ain't illmatic but this is a candidate for album of the year even an album of leftovers is better than most new albums by these wack new rappers out now who is out dropping classics now if you call this slightly above average? This is better than anything big krit Kendrick Lamar or anyone else out now could dream of there's no young rapper that impresses me the golden era reigns supreme...nas is a goat mc I wonder if there was ever any recordings that him and Will did in the mid 90s big Willie style era that never released i would love to hear them btw in fact my dream collaboration would be him, krs one, 'll cool j, latifah, and Will Smith produced by jazzy to me that's the top 5 mcs thatre still alive we gotta make this happen
  14. Did anybody else listen?? If will dropped a mixtape it'd gone viral people need to stop sleeping on jeff...
  15. Aladdin turned out to be his highest grossing film and the soundtrack was a hit and this video has a ton of viewers there's a resurrecting of his career he needs to release an album with Jeff asap even if it's a Will Smith album like willennium or lost and found I can live with that at this point