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  1. bigted

    It's the end of 2018...no new album yet

    If Will claims to love hip hop as much as he says why can't he deliver what us true heads want? Every morning I log onto this board and pray to find news on an upcoming album dropping i figured that something was coming when he did the interview he just released a couple latin songs and a freestyle since I'm not satisfied!
  2. It's officially on vev o now!
  3. bigted


    My uncle skip is officially out of icu and in a regular room now!
  4. bigted


    Well appreciated my uncle is making progress today btw!
  5. bigted


    Hey jjfp fam would appreciate if y'all kept my uncle skip in prayers n thought s he's in icu being treated for high diabetes
  6. bigted

    Jazzy Jeff Australian Tour

    Glad you enjoyed it bro
  7. bigted

    Jazzy Jeff Australian Tour

    Aren't you gonna post about the show tim...
  8. now something us real JJFP classic heads can rejoice for! http://thesource.com/2017/11/21/rock-bells-ll-cool-j-launches-classic-hip-hop-show/
  9. Nobody here listens to this station? They play jjfp on occasion
  10. He doesn't have to prove anything he's 50 years old with a ton of classics everything we get now is a blessing
  11. bigted

    The Next Will Smith ‘Golden Era’?

    Well i think the golden era for will was similar to hip hop 85-2000 girls to ali but yes wills resurrected his career
  12. Btw tomorrow is 25 years since code red praying for more jjfp
  13. I wish willd be more like jef f and just do music from the heart and not worry about chart positions jjfp have nothing to prove
  14. Well like I said many times before most old school rappers would kill to have wills popularity but the problem lies that he hasn't put out classic music except for the 2 freestyles btw why is it so hard to link up with jef f the greatest dj/producer who's been a potna longer than these new rappers been living
  15. Well rappers like will and hammer make quality pop rap unlike most mainstream rappers today and this song is good but it ain't getting jiggy with it
  16. Wills trying too hard for a pop audience i want some real hip hop
  17. bigted

    Happy 50th bday will

    Birthday shout out to fresh prince
  18. Hopefully this leads to an album and some songs with jeff
  19. bigted

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    What's the deal with Eminem vs machine gun kelly? I don't see why Eminem has to diss so many rappers but btw I only liked machine gun kelly on I don't dance song with dmx he ain't that then talented anyway
  20. bigted

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    If 'll cool j made an album with weak beats the album would flop n he'd be harshly criticized but Eminem could get away with it and sell a lot of records from the white people but the core hip hop community don't feel that
  21. bigted

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    I've always been this way since the new millennium I'm 33 now and when I was in high school over 15 years ago the kids favorite rappers were emine m 50 Jay z nell y n lil Kim n mine were 'll kr s will Chuck d n latifah I'll probably be 80 years old n 80S n 90S rap will be my favorites just like 80 year olds listen to Motown now but Eminem is our generation's Elvis who outsold soul pioneers like Sam Cooke and Jackie wilson just like eminem outsold rap pioneers because he's white i don't consider Elvis and Eminem the greatest artists of all time but unfortunately a lot of consumers are racist I guess some things never change
  22. bigted

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    emine m is better than most today but I wouldn't put him in category with 'll kr s jjfp rakim Kane Chuck d bust a latifah etc...
  23. bigted

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    Btw when I listened to the interview 'll cool j and Eminem mentioned that they recorded 3 songs together and they're still planning on releasing them someday I guess that was when 'LL was working on goat 2 that never came out man I really hope 'll puts out a surprise album now is the time for all the real Mcs to come back
  24. bigted


    Thanks bro