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  1. bigted

    new pics of Will

    Wow Big Will's everywhere these days, wasn't he in Manhatten a few days ago? I wonder if Will's gonna perform wit Jada, that would be hot! I think that Jada has a better voice than Britney or even Ashanti and I would buy an album from her before I would buy a Britney or Ashanti album if she decided to make one. :peace:
  2. bigted


    Like 2Pac,Biggie,Big Pun, and Jam Master Jay, Left Eye died too soon! :tear: Hip-hop would be much better right now if they were all still here with us but they're probably all entertaining God right now! :rock: :grouphug:
  3. bigted

    will feat warren g

    Hey man what happened to Warren G? :dunno: In the mid 90's I remember that he was a pretty popular rapper but we don't hear much from him now! He did some hot songs with Nate Dogg like "Regulate" and made a hot song for the Bad Boys movie called "So Many Ways". If Nate Dogg,Will Smith, and Warren G did a song togetha it would be dope 'cause Nate Dogg comes with some phat ass choruses that make hip-hop songs worth listening to! :dancingcool:
  4. bigted

    top 50 rappers

    You just don't get it man! :cussing: 2Pac was great in many ways, ways that you can't really explain in comparing him with other rappers that are alive now, I'll admit that doing that is stupid 'cause he's in a category all of his own. Don't hate the player, hate the game,damn it! How much do you really know about hip-hop? His rap style was aggressive and it got even stronger after he got shot and gone to jail, how many times do I gotta say that?! :cussing: But now when it comes to acting he would never touch Will, there I said it! are you happy now?! Now if I want to stick to a lyrical point of view, there's no rapper in history that could talk about anything and everything going on in the world with more emotion than 2Pac and many tried to imitate him since his death but failed miserably, no rapper was ever or never will be deeper than 2Pac, there it is, enough said! I don't give a damn if you try callin' me stupid 'cause I know what the hell I'm talkin' about and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it for you 'cause you act like you know but you don't know a damn thing if you try dissin' me again. Disrespecting our deceased legends is being the real fool.
  5. bigted

    top 50 rappers

    [quote=Daedalus Mortality,Apr 24 2004, 03:59 PM]"and 2Pac is the greatest ever 'cause he was able to balance his rapping/acting career better than Will Smith,LL Cool J, and Queen Latifah have been able to do" wow that sounded stupid[/quote] Don't come at me like I don't know what I'm talkin' about, put yourself in 2Pac's shoes, he was able to stay focused on his career in the middle of getting shot and going to jail! Do u really think u'd think about makin' music and studying scripts when u were almost killed and knowing that someone out there's trying to gun you down and express all your emotions of your heart through your art like that?!! He was an inspiration for many people, even those that don't like rap so don't tell me that I'm crazy for saying that 2Pac's the greatest! I know that if he were alive he would have as many leading roles if not more than Will Smith has currently 'cause he was respected for his acting as well!
  6. bigted

    what theee F****???

    I guess if Will collaborates wit Em, it might make Eminem's rap style more mature 'cause I don't think that Will would produce somethin' that's wack and corny! I'd rather see him collaborate with smarter lyricists like a Talib Kweli or a Kanye West than a rapper like Eminem.
  7. bigted

    Homebase...Fav Track?

    "Summertime" was legendary but "You Saw My Blinker" was aggressive and I enjoyed that ****! :rock:
  8. bigted


    I wanna see them both do a song where they're both rappin' on it togetha, that would give Will more street cred in the hip-hop game. :dancingcool:
  9. bigted


    He ain't the only one in this entertainment industry that's talentless and making fame off of it, look at Britney Spears!
  10. bigted

    what theee F****???

    After viewing that post I see that a lot of those Eminem fans are Will Smith haters! They don't know what real hip-hop is! :cussing:
  11. bigted

    VH1's 50 most awesomely bad songs

    Wow! What was VH1 thinkin'? :dunno: "Will2K" wasn't one of Will's great songs but it wasn't that wack was it?!! Half of that list is a'ight while another half of that list was a bunch of wack songs like "Ice,Ice,Baby", damn I wanted to slap the punk at my high school that wanted to perform that song at our school's talent show a couple of years ago! How could they say that "Thong Song" was wack, they played that songs over and over on the boardwalk in Seaside back in the summer of 2000, I can't believe that was 4 years already!
  12. bigted

    eminem new single

    As much as some us may hate Eminem he finds a way to keep himself in the hip-hop game, in '99 when "My Name Is" came out I never would have imagined that he would still be popular in 2004 'cause I thought that his corniness would hurt him in the longrun, he's still out though 'cause he can rap his ass off and his style is different than any other m.c. out but I wish that he'd grow up a little bit in his lyrical approach. You gotta give some props to somebody when they do somethin' that keeps us talkin' about them, I have to say Eminem's a master of that. Even Eminem haters want to tune in to see how lame he is so they could make fun of him, I'd have to say that's game right there. He's the Mike Tyson of hip-hop 'cause we now watch a Mike Tyson fight to see what foolish remark is he gonna say this time, is he gonna bite someone again, rather than of watching his fighting ability.
  13. bigted

    Will's interview with big Boy

    Thanks man, that was a hot interview! I'm live at the 'Jersey shore so I don't listen to Power 106, since that's a radio station out in Cali, but I'm able to listen to Power 105.1 FM, which is a NY hip-hop radio station.
  14. bigted

    New Nas Album In July!

    What it's comin' down to is Will won't get the respect as he deserves as a rap artist until he takes a break from the movies 'cause his rap legacy will be questioned if he juggles acting wit rapping too much, but I don't think that's right 'cause he's a hard worker. :cussing: Rappers Nas,Krs-One,and Biz Markie are great rap artists, but they're only in the music industry. What Will needs is a record label that will respect him as strictly a rap artist and not pay attention that he's an actor 'cause Will's been rappin' before he was a teen and he wasn't actin' back then! If it wasn't for Run-Dmc and JJFP, even rappers like Nas wouldn't go platinum. Right now what album in hip-hop is actually worth listenin' to from start 2 finish? Honestly the last hip-hop album I felt that way was "God's Son", so you better believe I think he's a great artist! :rock:
  15. bigted

    one lucky homeless man!!!!!!!!!

    That song "Twinkle Twinkle" (I'm Not A Star) really does apply to Will after all after hearing that story! "People be flippin' when they see me around But yo don't trip just give me a pound" :peace:
  16. bigted

    poor MJ

    I don't believe that R.Kelly would seriously stoop that low to do somethin' as dumb as they said he did. Technology could have made it appear as if it was him, but it wasn't. Even if it was him I wouldn't judge him 'cause nobody's perfect!
  17. bigted

    poor MJ

    It's sad to see MJ, R.Kelly, Kobe, and Jayson Williams go thru all this 'cause they're all good people. 2Pac should have neva went to jail! When ur a celebrity haters come at you hard to get fame!
  18. bigted

    Album out this week

    I'm gonna head out to the the mall this weekend and cop that new CD by Jazzy Jeff 'cause where I work at Kmart isn't sellin' it, I outta go on strike 'til they sell it!
  19. bigted


    Some of my favorite musical artists are Boyz II Men, Guy, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, K-Ci and Jo-Jo,Musiq, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilara, 50 Cent,Notorious B.I.G., Biz Markie,Outkast,Kanye West,Bravehearts,DJ Kay Slay,James Brown,Jaheim,Luther Vandross, Mary J. Blidge,Amerie, Alicia Keyes, and checkthe list of my top 20 favorite rappers for the rest of my favs which is on the other post. Peace! :peace:
  20. bigted

    NBA Playoffs

    The NBA will be worse next yr. 'cause the Charlotte Bobcats franchise will be entering the Eastern Confererence and the New Orleans Hornets(who played like crap since they left Charlotte)are heading West. That's good news for the East teams on one sense 'cause all you need to make the playoffs is win 30 games, but the bad news is that the West Conf. team will kill ya in the finals. At this rate Shaq will have more rings than Russell before he retires(unless he gets bored).
  21. :peace: I enjoyed the battle, y'all put in some good punch lines and I'll be wantin' to battle y'all when the next battle gets under way! One love!
  22. bigted

    A question

    "The Rain" and "Afro Angel" are songs that speak directly from the heart, they're similar to the songs "I Ain't Mad At Ya"and "Keep Ya Head Up" that 2Pac did 'cause they express the pain that we all go thru in our hearts sometimes when chips are down but listenin' to those tracks make ya feel that ur not the only one that goes thru tough times.
  23. bigted

    NBA Playoffs

    I filled a bracket on NBA.Com and the only 2 teams screwing me up right now are the Knicks and the Mavs. I'm sure glad that the series are now 7 instead of 5 like it used to be in the 1st round, so that means that they have a chance, all they gotta do is defend their homecourt like the Nets and Kings did and they'll be a'ight. I had the Pacers beat the Celtics in 5 games, but the Celtics blew their chance to win one game last night when Artest was suspended.
  24. bigted

    funniest rap music videos

    I'd say: Snoop Dogg"Gin and Juice", Redman/MethodMan "How High"(Pt.2), Redman"Let's Get Dirty", Slick Rick"Children's Story", and Biz Markie "Just A Friend" were also hilarious!
  25. bigted


    I'd say that R&B's better than hip-hop is right now but nobody's really buying R&B anymore like in the mid ninties when Boyz II Men, TLC, and Blackstreet were going multiplatinum. Janet's still hot after all these years, damn I wish I wasn't workin' that night of the Super Bowl! Usher imitates Michael Jackson's style too much, Mario Winans sounds too Bad Boy ish and commercial, Carl Thomas has a very good voice(he sounds like a young Aaorn Hall, I'd like to hear another Guy album), and Tamia has great vocal range as well but doesn't sell records 'cause she's not controversial. All I gotta say is Grant Hill's a lucky guy to be married to Tamia 'cause she also got a dynamite body! In my opinion, Usher will never touch R.Kelly 'cause R.Kelly's a true innovator of his music, no matter how his personal life is. Jaheim is this generation's Luther Vandross, reppin' Jersey to the fullest, I just hope that the idea of doing an album with Cam'ron ain't true.