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  1. i added another verse to the song to further explain: i usually don't relay much of my personal story like this but in 2016 life has turned where many are hurting believe me y'all i've dealt with that burden as a 31 year old millennial representative i've gained knowledge from past generations you could say my mental illness is hereditary cause my papa is living with dementia currently so i basically hold on to the memories and i'll pray he'll always be at peace he's overcome a lot coming to america from haiti life was different back in the early 1970s back when my parents were first dating interracial relationships weren't really in swing there's more now but there's still discrimination love should be love no matter what image since real love is felt in your spirit on this record i'm coming with a clear vision i'll never forget the moment in 2003 when i was a high school senior and i came home feeling all down after a conflict i was on the phone talking to my friend i was feeling all upset and ticked "does anybody care about me?" was what i said i thought papa was taking a nap but he woke up and said "son i care and so does your mama and god, don't ever say those words again" those words reached my spirit and from that moment on i didn't question the love foundation in my life leaves me blessed and i'm determined to beat all obstacles and my mental illness
  2. hey fam, out of all my songs I really feel that I dug deep with this one, now i've been dealing with my mental illness of bipolar since march of 2007 right around the time i was hospitalised for a staph infection, then 5 years later in 2012 my father was diagnosed with dementia and was put away in a nursing home, i lost my job working at the beach in seaside heights went back to the hospital in summer of 2012 after a nervous breakdown, then hurricane sandy in fall of 12 and me and my mom moved to whiting nj so needless to say i've been through some dark moments over the last decade but through it all i've kept a peace of mind... Now things have been getting better for me since, i graduated my online college course in june, i'm doing online gigs, reconnected with some high school friends, and i put out my first album on youtube last winter of 2015, search "GM3485 Starting Over Album" on youtube and you'll find it there, this song along with other songs i'm currently writing will be on my second album "open book" digging deep with life issues going on in society today, i'm working on getting a new laptop so that the recordings will be more crystal clear, now i know that this forum doesn't get as much recognition as it did back when "lost & found" was out but i've stayed loyal and i'm hoping the loyalty pays off, if will or jeff come to the board i'd appreciate it if they read this thread and know that their music has gotten me through so much dark times and has inspired me to do my thing, god bless JJFP forever! well without further ado here's the lyrics and btw also check out "war of the mind" by flame who's a gospel rapper that made a song about overcoming mental illness: this song is a dedication for anyone that has to overcome struggle know you're not alone like that michael jackson song after struggle brighter days come along remember there's always a purpose peep my story being 31 i've been able to overcome the pain and i've seen some dark days i'm able to roll strong day by day for 16 years i've been putting out lyrical flames it's been the war of the minds like the song by flame i still might not have the fame or a million people knowing my name but i have something worth far greater i'm able to have a peace of mind in the brain i don't always admit that i've been dealing with the opposition of my mental illness in 2007 i wasn't able to sleep much after my staph infection that left me with my liver and kidneys shutting it was a near death experience the emotional toll i then dealt with put a weight on fam and friends i found out who my real peeps were when my life was going in a blur i was starting to question my life's worth until i ran into a woman who worked at the st barnabas building who told me that i'm never alone and we all have a purpose to this day those words are instilled even though i don't remember her name i'm thankful the foundation is built around the right people along the way and i know i'm being watched by the guardian angels since my beliefs of life are known as spiritual i know we all could believe what we want to but to me god is real or i wouldn't be living he's helped me along the way of my troubles since i know the demons are about to be defeated never give up or give in when you have a dream remaining on the grind picking up the slack on the days i lack remaining on the grind better moments are coming time for some better loving the drama is what i'm overcoming remaining on the grind
  3. check it out for yourself here and try to buy a CD of it when you can to support real music, I'll be getting my copy from amazon soon: here's an interview that he did for the breakfast club, it's witty and informative, it's amazing to know he's written for so many artists in r&b:
  4. i had a dream last night that i was at a JJFP show, maybe it'll be a reality sooner than i think!
  5. hey peeps hope y'all are a having a good summer in spite of all the world dramas, here's something to raise awareness and get you moved, i think this is some of the best lyrics i've ever written, this is basically my version of "tell me why", this is something i wish will would come to the board to read and raise some music discussion and maybe even inspire him to make more powerful music: we can't ignore what goes on in society if we truely want to be free we all must do our part for peace standing up tall like a tree the seperation of wants and needs the music is my therapy for release there's no need for gun firing no matter what political team you side with this song isn't an endorsement we all have a right for an opinion if you respect me even if there's not 100% aggreement there won't be thoughts of a room in judgement since i know i'm far from perfect there's plenty of times of sin but i look to rise through the fire to win there's much tensions and uprisings i choose to flex my mind through music expression to bring on a brighter perspective i don't take any moment for granted like i mentioned i choose to never give up, never give in if we apply ourselves we could cease the violence a better world we should apply to be creating before the lord comes as it says in revelations we all could make a difference regardless of color, nationality, or religions i strive to build up the greatest raps ever written it's all built on craft when you master perspective we all should take out time to count our blessings praying for better day for the nations we are living in the final days so watch how you're living and what you're saying
  6. Summertime 7 Mixtape

    my only complaint is that he didn't include any songs from JJFP's Homebase album, i mean this year marks the 25th anniversary of that classic, that album had many classic songs besides summertime after all
  7. Summertime 7 Mixtape

    word with the recent work by Jeff on this mixtape and the production of the dayne jordan album shows that he's getting better with age in this hip hop thing, will needs to take notes from him and get in the studio with jeff to do the damn album already
  8. Summertime 7 Mixtape
  9. This board needs some new life to it, hopefully we'll get some new JJFP news this weekend but nevertheless have an awesome weekend JJFP fam!
  10. let's hope something FINALLY happens!
  11. I hope everyone enjoys father's day with their fathers or father figures in their lives today, I did this song "Moment For Dedication" for father's day last year over Will's "Just The Two Of Us" instrumental:
  12. my heart is heavy right now, rest in peace!
  13. Cozmo D Boiler Room Set

    when i have extra time i'll check it out, cheers tim
  14. keep muhammad ali in your prayers

    may he rest in peace, gonna watch will's ali dvd today and here's mistachuck d's tribute rap to him in 2006: