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  1. Today is the 18 year anniversary of not only one of my favorite albums of all time but one of the main albums that got me into hip hop music, "Big Willie Style" by Will Smith aka Fresh Prince, I was a 12 year old 7th grader at the time in 1997 going to Central Regional Middle School and I remember receiving this album for Christmas that year, the first hip hop album I owned on CD. I previously had some LL Cool J, KRS  One, and Coolio albums on cassette but I was mostly into r&b back then like Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, and Mariah Carey, this album changed my life forever, it may not be Will's best work, over the years  my favorites have beeen He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, Code Red, and Willennium(which turned 16 last Monday along with another one of my favorites in hip hop Dr. Dre "2001") but like the 10 million+ who bought this album back then it has a special place in my heart and my album collection, this is a testiment to why he should be ranked among the greatest in hip hop music history as a true artist. This album is probably one of his most balanced of his career, that's why it touched so many people, there's so many favorite songs I have from memories of growing up in the Jersey Shore and listening to this album, but the one song that stands out over the years is "Just The Two Of Us" which is a sentimental song and an ode that I have with my papa who's now 81 years old and has dementia so it's bittersweet but I hold onto the positive memories through this song, that song actually motivated me among the most part in writing poetry and hip hop lyrics myself, god bless Will for being such a true artist, share your memories of the album below:
  2. on her show wendy williams didn't mention will on her list of favorite rappers, i guess he's gonna have to buy her show and send her home HAHA
  3. gonna look at the performance while i have breakfast, thanks for sharing, btw jim could u please stop using comparisons between will and drake, like i said in my profile i care about the art and not the charts, as long as will continues with classic music i don't worry about competing with pop rappers...
  4. with all the talk of the JJFP comeback for 2016 i think we all should support this album, the classics deserve recognition!
  5. well the video got over 2 million views on youtube so somebody's still watching but he does need to put out a proper hip hop single soon with straight spitting to get everyone to notice that fresh prince is back!
  6. top 50 rappers

    i think it'd be a dope idea if more of us post their all time rapper lists, i wanna see what the fam is into these days, like i mentioned in my opinion the only rappers that came out in the last 11-12 years that's worthy of an all time list are The Game, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, and I don't feel quite as strongly for Pac as I felt back then although I still think he's way better than Biggie....
  7. a lot of old school hip hop samples parliament funkadelic
  8. top 50 rappers

    After looking at Billboard's top 10 all time list and reminiscing over these posts I realised that 95% of what was my favorite hip hop 11-12 years ago is still my favorite today, I actually discovered even more classic 80s/90s artists since then thanks to youtube, I'd probably only consider The Game, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole for my top 20, here's a revised list: 1-LL Cool J 2-KRS-ONE(Boogie Down Productions) 3-JJFP 4-2Pac 5-Heavy D & The Boyz 6-Queen Latifah 7-Public Enemy 8-Eric B and Rakim 9-Run Dmc 10-Fugees 11-Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five 12-NWA 13-Kool Moe Dee 14-MC Hammer 15-The Game 16-Ice-T 17-Big Daddy Kane 18-Slick Rick 19-Naughty By Nature 20-Kendrick Lamar 21-Beastie Boys 22-Kurtis Blow 23-The SugarHill Gang 24-A Tribe Called Quest 25-Hieroglyphics Honorable mentions:Nas, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Grandmaster Caz, and Coolio EDIT of course JJFP potnas like Kel Spencer, Dayne Jordan, and Skillz deserve some love too!
  9. wow i thought that billboard top 100 artist list was garbage but this top 10 all time rapper list is weak too! fresh prince could rhyme circles around most that was mentioned:   to me a list without LL, KRS, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, Heavy D, Queen Latifah, 2Pac, Q-Tip, Treach, Wyclef, and MC Lyte etc. ain't a list...rappers like Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Biggie ain't nowhere near my top 10...
  10. LOL! The Laugh Out Loud Thread
  11. respectfully speaking the only artist i would rank above MJ would be JB, i take this list with a grain of salt
  12. i agree with you really when it comes to these types of lists, most artists in commercial rap don't make music worthy of being mentioned with the timeless artists of other genres like MJ, Janet, Bruce, JB, Ray Charles, Elvis, and Madonna but the handful of legends I mentioned like JJFP, LL, PE, A Tribe Called Quest, MC Hammer, Run Dmc are timeless hip hop musicians that deserve to be in the top 100, and btw after all if it wasn't for JJFP winning the first rap grammy hip hop music wouldn't be as big as it is today: "First ever rap grammy/let's talk about the only reason yo ass went to Miami"
  13. Of course the biggest bull is no JJFP but ...Chris Brown and Nelly ranked ahead of James Brown?...No LL, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, or MC Hammer?
  14. Pete Rock On JJFP

    that's true i'd also like to hear current artists like kendrick lamar and j cole mention them too