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  1. Jazzy Jeff & Rhymefest - No Fear

    yeah no disrespect to dayne jordan, he's dope but rhymefest is an elite mc, "blue collar" is an underrated classic album that he did in 2005 and the work with kanye was stuff of legends
  2. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Boyz II Men Feat. Charlie Wilson "More Than You'll Ever Know"(2011)
  4. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    TI King album 2006
  5. Happy Birthday Will!

    I would like to send happy birthday wishes to one of my main inspirations in life big willie smith aka fresh prince, i know i've been mad that u haven't put out much music lately but there's still nobody out there today that's topping the timeless music that u and jazzy jeff have made over the years, thanks for the memories, many more great years ahead, and god bless!
  6. here's a treat to enjoy to reminisce over a timeless career of KG
  7. one of my favorite nba players of all time has called it a career, he was a staple for my yahoo fantasy basketball teams for many years, thanks for the memories KG AKA Big Ticket

    thanks for the prayers AJ,at the moment my father is starting to make progress for the better, he's more alert today, he's breathing better,and he's keeping down his milkshake he had earlier, i'm staying strong for the fam

    hey JJFP peeps out there, my extended family, I'd appreciate it if y'all keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers 'cause my father's dementa is declining and the doctor's are saying he might not have much time left, as always one love, i'll be playing just the two of us before i go to sleep tonight

    de la's music has always sounded different from everyone else, that's what makes them so greatly respected by so many different people for so long
  11. New music - caution in the wild

    quality of music has nothing to do with popularity these days, will's fiesta video with bomba estereo has more views than a lot of the classic JJFP songs including the groundbreaking Parents Just Don't Understand and Brand New Funk and i'm not really such a fan of fiesta like that, i do think caution in the wild is a way better song, still better than anything lil wayne has done but that's besides the point, the reason why it's not having success is cause will has seemed to not take his music career seriously anymore, he's too busy promoting subpar films like this suicide squad, i'm really dissapointed...
  12. Suicide Squad Marketing

    i wouldn't put this movie in will's top 5 or probably even top 10 best films he's ever done btw
  13. Suicide Squad Marketing

    too bad will doesn't know how to promote his music career too well these days
  14. New music - caution in the wild

    this song only has 1200 views while lil wayne's song that has a video on the soundtrack has over 100 million views, people sure do have crappy taste in music

    it's in my top 5 hip hop albums since 2005 already, I haven't played an album like this in awhile, btw here are my 5 favorites since then to give y'all an idea: Will Smith "Lost and Found" LL Cool J "Exit 13" De La Soul :,,and The Anonomyus Nobody" Common "BE" KRS One and Marley Marl "Hip Hop Lives" Honorable Mentions: Public Enemy "Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamps", LL Cool J "Authentic", Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead"