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  1. well they do have an official page on youtube with will's albums as playlists where you could listen to individual tracks or play album altogether, you get a lot from that but i like listening to classic albums in entirety but i guess beggars can't be choosers with their new copyright laws:   JJFP official page:   Jeff's page:
  2. i did notice that somebody posted big willie style on youtube:    
  3. i like looking up and listening to different albums on youtube these days and i notice that there's a ton of classic hip hop albums in their entirety on there but none of will's or JJFP's classics, now i'd personally put some of them from my windows media but my laptop doesn't have enough capacity to do all that since i used up memory uploading my own songs on youtube over the past couple years...anyway what's everyone's thoughts of no will albums on youtube? i think if they got posted it'd create more buzz for him to put out new music as well because it shows that the fans are listening...
  5. boom shake the room is probably one of will's weaker songs but the jazzy jeff remix is dope!
  6. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    public enemy apocalypse 91 the enemy strikes black album
  7. some promising news indeed, it brings more hope for another album and world tour!
  8. it's been awhile, one of my inspirations kel spencer is releasing unreleased music this weekend so i'm gonna do the same here as we're all snowed in on the east coast of the usa, this song "4 romancing" didn't make the cut of my "starting over" 2015 album song list but it's still one of my personal favorites, check out enjoy(a 2014 song i did inspired by heavy d's "keep it coming") and check out more of my songs on and "GM3485 Starting Over album" to listen to that album i did last year)
  9. KS is currently dropping 20 unreleased joints on FB, he says he has 87 in the stash with more new music to come this year, now if only we could hear some new JJFP soon 2016 could be a big year for quality hip hop again! Anyway check out the joints here:    
  10. Jeff's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Jeff! I'd love to see a live version of this song in person, genius    
  11. yeah come on now, tomorrow jeff turns 51 and will turns 48 in september and many artists have been passing away lately, will shouldn't take his career in music for granted since it's not guaranteed that him and jeff are gonna both be alive forever
  12. In honor of MLK day 2016 I compiled a list of 100 positive hip hop songs:    
  13. No new JJFP tracks

    but this is 2016, you could record on the internet from anywhere in the world, they don't have to be in the studio necessarily to bring new music, i'm still holding out hope it could get done
  14. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Finally a new Keith Sweat song "Good Love", reminds me of R Kelly's "Step In The Name Of Love"    
  15. Jeff's Birthday

    i don't how many people remember but i did my own version of jeff and kel spencer's definition for his 50th birthday last year: