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  1. a revised list adding a handful of recent albums: Will Smith Willennium (2000) Dr Dre Chronic 2001 (2000) DMX And Then There Wax X...(2000) LL Cool J GOAT (2000) BB Jay Universal Concussion (2000) Notorious BIG Born Again (2000) Lil Kim Notorious KIM (2000) Common Like Water For Chocolate (2000) De La Soul AOI (2000) Big Pun Yeahh Baby (2000) DMX The Great Depression (2001) Fat Joe JOSE (2001) Nas Stillmatic (2001) Foxy Brown Broken Silence (2001) 2Pac Until The End Of Time (2001) Busta Rhymes Genesis (2001) Pep Love Ascension (2001) Jay Z/R Kelly Best Of Both Worlds (2001) LL Cool J 10 (2002) Eve Eve-O-lution (2002) Wyclef Jean Masquerade (2002) Snoop Dogg Paid Da Cost Da Be Da Bo$$ (2002) Public Enemy Revololution (2002) DJ Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent (2002) KRS One Spiritual Minded(2002) Nas God's Son (2002) Ja Rule The Last Temptation (2002) Will Smith Born To Reign (2002) 8 Mile Soundtrack (2002) Eminem Eminem Show (2002) Talib Kweli Quality (2002) 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin (2003) Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below (2003) KRS One Kristyles (2003) Jay Z The Black Album (2003) Kanye West College Dropout (2004) Talib Kweli The Beautiful Struggle (2004) Nas Street's Disciple (2004) Snoop Dogg Rhythm & Gangsta (2004) Beastie Boys 5 Boroughs (2004) LL Cool J The Definition (2004) Ja Rule RULE (2004) Will Smith Lost & Found (2005) Common BE (2005) Game The Documentary (2005) Kanye West Last Registration (2005) LL Cool J Todd Smith (2006) MC Hammer Look Look Look (2006) Jay Z Kingdom Come (2006) Ice Cube Laugh Now Cry Later (2006) Busta Rhymes The Big Bang (2006) DMX The Year Of The Dog...Again (2006) TI King (2006) Ludacris Release Therapy (2006) Nas Hip Hop Is Dead (2006) Fat Joe Me, Myself, and I (2006) Method Man 4:21 The Day After (2006) Kel Spencer Who Is Kel Spencer? (2006) Game Doctor's Advocate (2006) Snoop Dogg The Blue Carpet Treatment (2006) KRS One/Marley Marl Hip Hop Lives (2007) DJ Jazzy Jeff The Return Of The Magnificent (2007) Chamillionaire Ultimate Victory (2007) Wyclef Jean Carnival II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant (2007) Public Enemy How To Sell Soul To Souless People (2007) Ice Cube Raw Footage (2008) Nas Untitled (2008) LL Cool J Exit 13 (2008) Game LAX (2008) TI Paper Trail (2008) KRS One/Buckshot Survival Skills (2009) Busta Rhymes Back On My BS (2009) Jay Z Blueprint 3 (2009) Eminem Recovery (2010) Ice Cube I Am The West (2010) BOB Presents The Adventures Of Bobby Ray(2010) Wyclef Jean If I Were President, My Haitain Experience (2010) Game The Red Room (2010) KRS One Metahistorical (2010) Nas/Damian Marley Distant Relatives (2010) Nelly 5.0 (2010) Ludacris/Shawana Battle Of The Sexes (2011) Game The Red Album (2011) J Cole Cole World, The Sideline Story (2011) Public Enemy Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamps (2012) KRS One The BDP Album (2012) DMX Undisputed (2012) Nas Life Is Good (2012) Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, Madd City (2012) Game Jesus Piece (2012) Public Enemy The Evil Empire Of Everything (2012) B.O.B. Strange Clouds (2012) LL Cool J Authentic (2013) Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013) KRS One Never Forget (2013) Kel Spencer #LDWUD Vol. 1 (2014) Lecrae Anomoly (2014) Dr Dre Compton (2015) The Game Documentary 2+2.5 (2015) Snoop Dogg Bush (2015) Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly (2015) Dayne Jordan Memoirs Of Dayne Jordan (2015) DMX Redemption Of A Beast (2015) KRS One Now Hear This (2016) De La Soul And The Anonoymous Nobody (2016) Common Black America Again (2016) A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service (2016) Chance The Rapper Coloring Book (2016) Bell Biv Devoe Three Stripes (2017) Wyclef Jean J'ouvert (2017) Fat Joe/Remy Ma Plata o Plomo (2017)
  2. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Dru Hill "Beauty"
  3. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    meghan trainor feat. john legend "like i'm gonna lose you", one of the rare modern songs that's good:
  4. will said that music is life when lost and found was out and 12 years later no album yet, not just that in those 12 years many legends from james brown to george michael have passed on and there have been many non talented artists have been getting fame for the wrong reasons so music has a big void left right now, you figure will'd wanna do something about it since music reflects life like he said...
  5. i know i might have been a little bit harsh by what i said but when lost and found came out will was talking about how music is life and that's it his biggest passion then 12 years later we're waiting for a follow up??? come on now i think what i said is somewhat justified... but yeah as i think about it with 10 albums counting the greatest hits, basically only a handful of legends like ll cool j, nas, and krs one have dropped this much material for the fans to listen to over the decades so i guess he could have a break....
  6. all i gotta say is as one of the biggest JJFP potnas i just can't defend will anymore, he takes his career/life for granted
  7. the new wyclef jean album is fire!

    as a fan of will's u should be the first not to judge an album off a single, the ring is the weakest song on the album there's some creative songs on here
  8. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Boyz II Men 'Vibin"
  9. the new wyclef jean album is fire!

    where's the real hip hop heads? i figure y'all would enjoy this treat of an album!
  10. after all this time willennium's finally on youtube!!
  11. What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Lorde "Royals"
  12. I don't consider him one of my favorites but this is a big move for hip hop:
  13. this is such timeless music, shame Will couldn't do a verse on any of the tracks, so soulful..
  14. for all those complaining about crap rap music these days needs to check this wyclef album out, it's pure heat!
  15. this is the greatest news to find out on super bowl sunday, JJFP 2017!!! the reason why i've been sticking on this forum, btw can i get the link to the interview???!!!