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  1. 3cookies

    Boyz II Men

    lol... i bet it did... I hope ur not that fan who will go a few months without washing the spot where he kissed... lol... xo, cookie
  2. 3cookies

    Sean Levert Dies At 39

    awww.. i heard about his death this morning on the Steve Harvey show while taking my son to school, and I was just saddened thinking about what his mother must be going thru to lose 2 sons in less than a year and half apart... Oh my God... i can only imagine the pain in her heart... Rest In peace... xo, cookie
  3. 3cookies

    Romantic Sucka

    OH Man... im so sorry 2 hear that Kev.. Thats why Im always afraid to open up when I like someone, because if they dont feel the same, it would crush me, embarass me, and I would want to just die.. so i feel that if they dont ever know, I can keep the secret crush, and everybody will be ok... dam. I wish it was different with u... I thought u said that u 2 were seeing each other? maybe i mis read it...regardless, that was brave for u to do, and so sweet at the same time.. Thank u for being a perfect example of what women like me long for little bro. Mom raised u well... xo, cookie
  4. 3cookies

    "Seven Pounds" is next.

    I haven't heard abt this movie until just now.. i got a lot of reading up to do.. ah.. that is such a handsome picture of Will, he looks all grown up & sexy,.. and younger... Jada is keeping her man on his toes, thas 4 shure.. LOL xo, cookie
  5. 3cookies

    Will Smith Podcast: Episode 20 is here

    omg... what have i started, im soo sorry Julie. but why did u have to mention the fart? lol Lets try not to tag her with that title...this was all a joke, and not nice.. I think it really was Jonny tho... but the pic, hey! that wasn't just any rapper, it was KS, a part of our JJFP fam.. imma leave it as is tho... peace, cookie
  6. 3cookies

    Boyz II Men

    Hey FreshPrincess, thats real cool that you got to meet them, and it seemed they were down to earth in the pics, about meeting u, and not 'stand~offish" . I like the pics, and I know ur looking for a good frame to put that favorite pic in. lol thx 4 sharing.. xo, cookies
  7. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Live In Concert ~ I Wish I Woulda Made That.... (I Wish I Made That) xo, cookie
  8. beautiful too.. cant leave that out... :stickpoke: xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    March 27th 2008, 215 members online

    yea, I saw that too, looks like I came back on board in time for something... whatever it is.. i hope it involves those cookouts we used to have. LOL My lil baby Wes, right next to me & the grill holding his plate out... LOL (thats an inside JJFP joke folks) but.. i wander how many are lurkers, or ppl that are going to be posting with us... we shall find out.. xo, cookie
  10. 3cookies

    Kel Spencer - The Pen The Sword

    yea they have, but at least we can kinda keep up with the bulletins that KS posts. Some male fans like AJ & Timboat,... for example can even can give KeL a ring on his cell to keep in touch ... I dont think female fans would be tryna reach him personally via phone, for the sake of not appearing to brush up on him like Loretta that WS deals with... hah Johnnie & Lerkot.. oh man. i really hope all is well and they're doing ok... i just get worried when fam goes missing like that ... (((aint like i be going MIA or nothin))) lol :paperbag: xo, cookie
  11. 3cookies

    when's the next JJFP podcast?

    i do hope to join in on another Podcast in the future,.. I have to finish some projects, and download Skype again on this computer. I have it on my kids comp, but thats not my best choice of computers. lol.. Good luck Timboat to u guys this upcoming week with the podcast .. xo, cookie
  12. 3cookies

    Romantic Sucka

    lol, Kev.. I can imagine the feeling, thats like if I were to let some dude know i have the hots for him, and waiting on a reply, all would go thru my brain is.. oh noo he doesn't like me. id beat myself over the head for being that bold... :susel[1]: so.. u did good. llol. tho if u guys been talkin for a minute, i cant imagine anything less than a positive response.. I love guys like this.. xo, cookie
  13. 3cookies

    Kel Spencer - The Pen The Sword

    I was going thru some old topics,... JUly of 2006 was KS last post here... hummm... I wander when KS is going to pop back in and visit the JJFP forums? ... lol xo, cookie
  14. 3cookies

    Obama just spoke at my college!

    wow very cool. Im a war veteran, I wander what would happen if I ran for Presidency, being a War Veteran and an African American AND a woman... haha... All hell would break loose up in the white house... :sipread: loll... I love Hillary Clinton.. and Bill Clinton. Its sad for me to see so many ppl downtalking her and Bill, after Ive seen them do as much for the black community as they have ... I have not made a choice on who im voting for, I dont get into those 'politices' until closer to election time... nor will i engage in a political debate.. to each his or her own.. back on topic.. im glad that you enjoyed his visit to ur college... xo, cookie
  15. 3cookies

    Will Smith Podcast: Episode 20 is here

    ok.. i added the same one ive always had. lol. I was just tryna get in the groove with everyone having a JJ&FP pic, KS or something related to JJFP. lol ok. im back, and not messing with the pics nomore. Julie.. i dont think its gonna stick. that would be smelly huh? haha.. love u gurL hehe xo, cookie
  16. I have a question for the guys, or anyone that works out. I was in a majour car accident last June '07, and now can work out with no limitations again.. finally! i have a question... What exercise regime do u think is sufficient for a lady, with specific goals of body tone and SMALL muscle definition, not gross definition that u would see on a nice rock hard chest. abs, body of a male.... AND... do u think she should include working her traps lightly to get uniformity in an overall body workout, or exclude them, to NOT get that 'manly' look on that muscle? I dont like that personally, but...When I am working out and NOT cheating. lol,... my body builds in excellent timing, expecially if I dont have any excess pounds of fat to lose,... ( i have about 10 pounds of excess bodyfat now) but back to the subject,.. i feel guilty for skipping that muscle group, at the same time, ... well help please... lol should I cut back? dont wrk that muscle ? what u think? Thus far, my regime includes this: Monday ~ Wednesday ~ Friday ------> Upper Body Work out / Lower Body i switch over other day, and change it up the following week Tuesday ~ Thursday ~ Saturday -----> I used to run 2 miles, but now I do 1 mile of High Intensity, walk, jog, sprint & hit the High School bleachers (9 sets of steps) for 4 laps = 1 mile... I do high proteins, low carbs,. don't cheat ALL the tyme. LOL. I think that is good enough, and not pushing it too much after an accident with the workout regime. I don't have a workout partner, so motivation can be hard, but im good at motivating myself, but in the meantyme... any input would be helpful... What u think? xo, cookie
  17. 3cookies

    Will and the Kiddies

    Thats a real cute pics of Will & the kids.. xo, cookie
  18. 3cookies

    jazzy jeff & versatile dance group

    lol. thx 4 that link timboat.. i enjoyed it. xo, cookie
  19. 3cookies

    Romantic Sucka

    awww. i think thats so sweet Kev... I hope she diggs you too, and responds on a positive note... at least u took the chance, when I like someone, I run away like some idiot scared of the opposite reaction that you are dreading...lol. U could have always sent them to me, to practice on her reaction. LOL I could have pretended to be her... hahaha j/k I never had a guy to do anything like that for me, so just putting myself in her shoes,.. i know shes gonna give u a ring afterwards.. she does have ur number doesnt she? lol xo, cookie
  20. 3cookies


    I deleted the avatar that Ive had for years, and then was unable to upload another one. I sent Tim a pm and he was looking into it.. BUT... I got a little fix,... I to randomly upload a pic that i had on my myspace page, and it worked... Avatars can be uploaded from an online source, but possibly not your personal computer, for those who had problems like I did.. so if you have one on ur comp that u wanna upload here, try to get it online and then go from there... xo, cookie
  21. 3cookies

    Will Smith Podcast: Episode 20 is here

    LMAO!!! YOU ARE SOOO WRONG 4 THAT JULIE. BLAMING EVERYBODY else but urself... Julie farted half way round the world, and we all heard it.. The infamous Will Smith Podcast Pre~ Eposide #1 !!!! :mrstraetz: :clap2: :4-only1ha: :4-only1ha: I love you, lil fartin gurL!!! LOL :4-only1ha: xo, cookie
  22. 3cookies

    Will Smith Podcast: Episode 20 is here

    oh junk!! :eusa_naughty: i remember that... :lolsign: Julie one of yall FARTED, and was quiet didn't think nobody noticed... and I asked, "Hold up,... Did someone just fart!.. haha.. and thats when u blamed it on me.. gurl.. u know i claim when i 'pooot' hehe :gettinjiggywitit: so DONT EVEN TRY IT Julie!!!!!! ... LOL.. That was our very first podcast, good thing it didnt work >hahaha... I had forgoten about that, and u remembered,.. must be on ur conscious.. :stickpoke: xo, cookie
  23. 3cookies

    Will Smith Podcast: Episode 20 is here

    wow. thankx Timboat, I remember some years back when we had our very first Pocast. hahah. it didnt go too well,... I just would have loved to hear you guys talk abit more on Willow's role & performance in I AM Legend. I think that for a small role as her first acting job, she did good... Willow showed alot of emotion with a natural flow, and thats actually hard for a child her age to do.. so she definitely gets props for that in auntie Cookie's book.. lol. xo, cookie
  24. 3cookies

    Question for Iron Bodies...

    Got dawg SilverTiger bruh. ur tryna turn me into an amazon. LOL I was just asking about my traps. hahahahaa im cool with the regime i have now, and I will start loading up on carbs/spaghetti b4 i do my cardio, matter fact, this evening I will... I dont have a set tyme to fit in a 'dress' lol, just getting back in the routine pre~summer... its the bathing suit thats calling my name. LOL those are some great tips,.. tho 30 lbs with curls? geeze. i can hardly do 12 - 15 pounds with curls... :stickpoke: YOU GOT THAT JULIE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! LOL EDIT: oh Timboat,.. i do have Flax seed "Ground" tho .. xo, cookie