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    K Smith

    Kyle be acting all brand new... I'm guessing because he's young and new to the game... Hopefully when he gets much older, he becomes more like Will, ... "character wise" ... xo, cookie
  2. Me 2 Timboat, I connected with some interesting people at the venue. I never would have met him if I had not gone,.. so that turned out 2 be a huge blessing 4 me. Brakes, other arrangements were made 4 the portrait. Its nonframed pastel, sensitive to the touch, misty or sweaty air,...and has to be handled with care, so that was not the best option, tho I did want to touch up details too. It looks as good as the one I drew for Jeff, abit more detaiL. If i could upload a pic, I would show it to u guys but there is a problem uploading pics on the site still, isn't it Timboat? ... I told KS about the shoutout thread awhile back. ,... and he mention that he came to JJFP.com so he's already read it ... xo, cookie
  3. well, I finally got to see KS perform live last nyte onstage! yaaah. He was doing tha dam thang! Oh man.. I was so impressed seeing him live,..his skills, his little brother Flo Blitz rocking the stage,.. back up singers and the band but I really enjoyed myself for the few hours that i was there, and especially enjoyed watching him performing Hold On, and his spoken words to I Love Brooklyn. I just melted and it made my whole day at peace somewhat. l didnt see the backup singers much, because they were by the camera, and not onstage.. I thought there would be more of a turnout than it was with the crowd, but it was a very nice atmosphere nontheless. After his performance, I talked to him for just a moment. He was buzy acknowledging everyone, and naturally, I respected that. I did see him again b4 I left. KS is a perfect gentleman..ask me to call to make sure I made it in my home safely. I'm glad that I went, even tho I was feeling awkward for the most part. I was on my feet all day, worked from 6am-7pm.., dinner for my boys, rushed to get dressed, hardly NO makeup, sweated my curls out b4 i left so i was just a mess..UGH.. CRYING and wasn't gonna go till he texted me a reminder when he hit the stage. awww... I couldn't disapoint him. He didnt know my day was awful, and told me that he didn't notice me at the venue... tho I was abit distant.,..he was preoccupied with his fans/supporters keeping him buzy. His brother is just soo adorable. I didn't introduce myself, because he doesn't know who I am. They both are talented, adn KS is definitely a talented, beautiful man inside and out, and treats everyone like family. How can u not support that? oh yea. I think I was almost taller than Kel with my 4 inch hills on... lol xo, cookie
  4. yea, I love it when I see rappers, and anyone in the limelight showing BigWill respect like that. its a real good thing especially after so many years of us hearing anything but good.. thx 4 that xo, cookie
  5. 3cookies

    The Definition Live

    yes he is. I sat there and watched about 4 of the videos last nyte. Imma go see him tonight. yaaah. I love KeL man. He is just soo dam nice to my annoying butt. lol xo, cookie
  6. 3cookies

    Sean Levert Dies At 39

    u have to trust me AJ. that IS WHAT happened. Remember I used to supervise inmates in Atlanta Penitentiary, and thats where Tupacs biological father is/was. you are right,...there are seriously some good 'inmates' and officers are as crooked as a dam 3 dollar bill. Thats why I left. Thats why i also treated them with respect, because those men are somebody' father, SON and somebody's brother or husband and b4 I left.. over 1,000 inmates literally walked up to me when they 'heard' I was rolling out. I served my purpose, but I have seen officers bust into cells beat the hell out of inmates . Example, there were inmate(s) being rowdy on 'lockdown' (Segregration from population) making all sorts of noise , ... I was training for SRT (Special Reaction Team) only chik.lol... but they started with one inmate. 4 -5 HUGE officers pinned him down, put handcuffs on, so TIGHT he could have bled if he kept being defiant,... pulled him out of his cell, physically threw him out and I had to subdue him forcefully & slam him to the ground. (it was procedure folks) I had to put my knee in the middle of his back, a tight hold behind his neck, and basically whisper to his tail.. "If you don't Shut the fl_lkk up, these officers are going to Kick ur a$$ and put u in the dispensary, so close your dam mouth & save urself from an asswhuppin and just do what the say. Now lay ur a$$ down be quiet & listen to what im telling you.! lol.. ok im sorry, thats a long example... but I saw too much, and situations just like this, far too many times.. I know this case is a fact... oh they're going to try and cover it up. No doubt. Watch it surface 'eventually'... xo, cookie
  7. 3cookies

    Sean Levert Dies At 39

    Those A$$h%les!! From the sounds of it, he may have been pounding on his cell door, because he was in some sort of physical stress, and I know officers too well, they didn't take him serious, and were clearly being incompetent in this case. I have seen it far too many tymes for it to be dismissed... i am willing to bet they just didn't want to be bothered, and was teaching him a 'lesson'... I KNOW thats close to fact.. Thats bull $h!T.. they already know the cause of death. The reason its taking so long to determine 'cause' of death is because the FBI agents need time to investigate if the officers had any part in 'causing' death, and to determine if it could have been prevented by the officers making a more responsible effort in responding to him doing whatever necessary to get their attention in the FIRST place. Hell. The man was obviously in distress!!!! sorry 4 rambling.. im just upset after reading this article.. maybe i read too deep into things,.. but in this case, i doubt it.. dam, xo, cookie
  8. 3cookies

    Hancock song leaked!

    LOL.. look at all the loooooooVe you're getting TimboaT mane!!!! hahaaaaa Tim! .. xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    The Definition Live

    For a second, I thought that I had already responded to this. LOL. maybe i did in a different thread?! lol Very nice, I loved it... KS doing his lil thang on stage.! lol Im sure seeing him perform live onstage will be way off the chain... I really hope 2 see him perform 2morrow, plus.. a mutual friend is hosting the event, ... so fingers crossed for moi.. xo, cookie
  10. 3cookies

    Who is Kel Spencer?

    yea i saw that a few minutes ago. and just think, I may see him live 2morrow nite ... xo, cookie
  11. 3cookies

    Hancock song leaked!

    LOL i was thinking the same thing.. leave it up to TIM.. I knew someone would get us... lol Tim you suck! hahahah xo, cookie
  12. 3cookies

    Hancock song leaked!

    LOL... i wouldnt have mind even seeing napoleon Dynamite doing his thing instead. LOL funny timboat, xo, cookie
  13. 3cookies

    New Mariah Track & Video

    LOL Schnazz... :wickedwisdom: xo, cookie
  14. 3cookies

    New Mariah Track & Video

    ok.. i forgot to add this.. who really opens their front door in that sort of "get up" for someone other than their man? lol. xo, cookie
  15. 3cookies

    New Mariah Track & Video

    oh noooo! dont diss Janet!! I love Janet and Mariah! LOL I like this video, but that fool ringing the doorbell. LOL craZy man. cute tho.. xo, cookie
  16. 3cookies

    March 27th 2008, 215 members online

    um.. well maybe its just me,... i think it may be just logging the names of persons who visited for the 'day'... and keeps their name recorded.. thats what im guessing now.. :paperbag: lol xo, cookie
  17. 3cookies

    Romantic Sucka

    yes. .i digg that 'friend~zone'... 4 sho. chek this example out. I have guys in that zone will keep it there with no worries from neither part of us... I feel real security with these guys ... . we have a bond.. I watch myself if become attracted to sumone in my 'friendzone' and have to cool out... brush it off like it was a phase,.. stay away from that person. why? look at what happened to Kev... Ive heard that its best 2 be friends first, but I dunno.. I think meeting strangers, will stand a better chance of growing love. It's easier to pick up if u both are vybing off each other's energy @ the same tyme.. not that 'hit & miss" guessing game, when one minute someone likes u, and the next they're acting all strange & confusing. That gives me ulceRs and all sorts of internal injuries & pain. LOL oh heck. I dont know, ive been out of the loop for so long, but kev's situation.. has taught me a lesson. Keep my feelings to myself...and RUN in the opposite direction. hahha what i wanna know is this.. How is Kev dealing with it? wow. he opened up to us,... that speaks volume of ur heart lil bro. Im sitting here all teary eyes thinkin bout u... I love u man. Keep ur head up stank, its gonna be ok baby... xo, cookie
  18. 3cookies

    Hancock: master thread

    Will may not be, but we are always looking for an Oscar somewhere in the mix for Him...and he usually gets an Oscar Nomination, so it goes to show that we are pretty much in sync with his ability TO GET one.. just a matter of tyme... Thx 4 the pics,... xo, cookie
  19. 3cookies

    March 27th 2008, 215 members online

    hey Timboat, I have a question 4 u... Why is it saying that I am signed in, when i am signed out? yesterday morning i visited the board, and signed out, I checked throught out the day (as a visitor/not signed in etc) to see if anything new was up, or who was online, and It said ALL DAY that 3cookies was signed in. LOL. which was not the case till I signed in last night... thx, xo, cookie
  20. 3cookies

    Romantic Sucka

    so then... question Kev... you was feeling her like that, and she said she wasnt.. so how do u guys know when the chik IS feeling you? Is there some additional strong signs we should give? Cuz, trust me, I would like to know. I play it off,.. cuz im too scared to be in ur shoes, that is soo painful... I know somebody gotta know... TopDawg, AJ... Tim? some one.. we need a topic about taking love to that level, and knowing when its right... cuz when its misleading or the other person gives us mixed signals that ish hurts... dam.. xo, cookie
  21. you may not get the 'age thing right now... is a very long on going thing with me on the board,.. next birthday I will be 19 again, same with the year after, and year after, so i AM abit young. lol... The 2 small sons im talkin bout here are 11 and 13 ,.. I have one son soon to graduate High School in 2 years, yaaaah!!! lol a 18 year old daughter on the East Coast, in college ... so its hard 2 understand how im 19 and she is 18 .. tho, im between Jeff & Will 'agewise'... u will get my age thing sooner or later. lol xo, cookie
  22. 3cookies

    JazzyJeff UK/Euro tour

    well that sux... what kind of communication is that between promotional source and the talent? dam. xo, cookie
  23. 3cookies

    Tough Choice

    since the thread is 'dug up' i might as well reply. lol Oh man, I have to say FATHER hands down... thats the most attractive quality that Will has thats just natural,,.. and being a father gives him that edge also with his acting and musical crafts IMO... xo, cookie
  24. I saw this b4.. thx 4 the post.. actually, i think this is the one that i saw....I showed it to RRC and he said thx.. xo, cookie
  25. i know this may be a 'tad' bit unrelated, but my sons will not take their arzes to bed until they at least watch Fresh Prince of Bel Aire thats just coming on tv as I type this. Im sitting here, singing along with the FPOBA theme on tv, while I'm browsing the JJFP site, and then like...... Hey wait a minute! Those jokers are still UP watching Will on tv!!! lol ok, thats it.. lol xo, cookie