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  1. 3cookies

    Miss my JJ+FP fam.

  2. 3cookies

    Just dropping by to wish my fam a Happy New Year 2010!! MUCh LOVE thinking of U !!!!! ..... alway~ Big sis 4EVA, Cookies

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    welcome aboard...

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    Welcome Aboard!!

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    Welcome aboard...

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    Welcome aboard!

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    welcome aboard!

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    welcome aboard.

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    welcome aboard...

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    thanks for the welcome peace

  11. 3cookies » JumpinJack AJ

    lol. I hope U post that pic in the red dress for the fam... LOL. I won't post it without ur permission. besides, Id hav to search for it first... : P

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    welcome aboard...

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    welcome aboard.

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    welcome aboard.

  15. TopDawg14 » 3cookies

    Awww, thanks Big Sis!!! Much love to you!!!

  16. 3cookies » TopDawg14

    i can NOt believe U didn't have a 5 star rating... ahem.
    we been slacKiN..
    : )

  17. 3cookies » TopDawg14

    TOPDAWG!!!!!!!!!! I just left Brakes page. .lol. YOU're Next to jump the broom. whoo hooooooo.... I can't believe it. My baby bruddah is gettin MARRIEd... aww sumbody gimme a tissuuue.... haha.. luv ya. ~ cookie

  18. 3cookies » Da Brakes

    givin up dat official CONGRATULATIONS luV!!! on ur wedding with ur new wife, Brakes. Its been a long tyme coming, and no one deserves it more than U, my dear. Many blessings 2 u both. ~ cookie

  19. 3cookies » JumpinJack AJ

    hey, HeY, HEY!!!...
    its threeee cookies...and im gonna sing a song 4 yoo hooo...and im gone tell u a thing or twoooo.. u remember that? lol sup AJ.

  20. 3cookies » VIsqo

    Thx 4 the luv and droppin by lil bro. luv ya... ~ cookie

  21. 3cookies » Typhoon20

    Thx 4 the love. we gotta catch Up soon...

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    Hey hey, Have a nice day!