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  1. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Miss Willow!   

    Sending birthday wishes to Willow. Its amazing to see her step into her shining 'stardom' at such an early
    age. When she was borne, we wandered what talent she will have, and she has it ALL. BRAVO Willow!

    love you...

  2. 3cookies added a post in a topic: It's good to be a Smith kid   

    Hi everyone. Tim, Visqo & Silver Tiger....

    I really wish there were more good men & families around like what Will & Jada has ... really can cause a positive impact in the lives of others
    ......like mine for instance. Good to see smiling faces when feeling down... Love & Light ...
  3. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Will Smith owes me an apology!   

    i actually feel sorry for her, because she's got so much anger built up inside, its turning her into an irrationally psychotic woman, to some great degree,.. since she just couldn't let well enough be 'gone'. Trying to paint WS out to be some villian, is not a picture worth a second glance to fans that know more of his true nature outside character of FPOBA vs.- real life character. Hopefully she pulls it together, and face her own inner demons and cut the core of that anger/hatred/self pity/embarassment harbouring in her heart.

    Love & Light
  4. 3cookies added a post in a topic: It's good to be a Smith kid   

    and imagine,... we all were here writing her poems when Willow was first born in this month. Imagining all the talent she would have.
    Will & Jada wiil forever light my life with inspiration.

    Love & Light
  5. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday bigted & Luigie!   

    and an even later wish to my little brothers....


    love & light
  6. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday MaxFly!   


    ive missed so many JJFP birthdays ....

    Love & Light

    ~ Cookie
  7. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Clip of new Michael Jackson song leaked   

    hey litle brother!!!!!!! I've missed U and everyone also. So I had to come back, and fill my tank up with real JJFP love.
    Hope ur good, and treating the ladies nice? :) Happy twenty-10 bro

  8. 3cookies added a post in a topic: HAPPY 2010 FAM!   

    I am a little late. lol HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 2010....
  9. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Clip of new Michael Jackson song leaked   

    I heard a clip today, and it was nice. I sort of need abit 'more' to get a better feel...
  10. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Will Smith Isn't Dead   

    My heart just RIPPED to even imagine this was only a rumour even. and thinking i had not been here in ages, i could never forgive myself not showing Jada respect even if he was close to that....
    HATE rumours, but glad this was one.. losing MJ was enough burdon 4 me for a looong while, so WILLs gotta take care of himself for Jada and those babies....
  11. 3cookies added a post in a topic: "Seven Pounds" is next.   

    I just barely got around to seeing it. Trey-trey kept asking me every chance he'd remember! lol it was kind of sad to me. ..
  12. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Michael Jackson Dies At 50   

    oh man. I still can't believe he's gone. I took this really hard.... Rest peacefully Mike!
  13. 3cookies added a post in a topic: The History of JJFP.com (1997-2009)   

    COOKIE singing.....BACK Down Memory Lane! :)

    TIMBOAT!!! I Came back and this was the first post I saw, and it took me waaaaaaay back. haha. what a good start to my new year.
    Im trying to figure out how to maneuver around on the board. its.........complicated more than before. LOL. Happy New Year, and thx 4 the hookup bro. LOVE you!
  14. 3cookies added a post in a topic: a will's gift to everyone   

    LOL... hey .I remembered my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 3cookies added a post in a topic: Happy Bday Chief!   

    Happy Bday

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