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  1. Ale


    Will among the celebs at Canelo-GGG in Las Vegas https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/entertainment-columns/kats/will-smith-lady-gaga-lebron-among-the-celebs-at-canelo-ggg/
  2. Ale


    Willow will guest star on the series finale of 'Adventure Time' and sing the theme! https://www.etonline.com/willow-smith-to-guest-star-on-adventure-time-series-finale-and-sing-the-theme-exclusive-108565
  3. Ale


  4. I'm afraid it's fake. It's based on a picture of Will taken some years ago. http://www.listal.com/viewimage/2788750
  5. Ale


    Will Smith launches 'Just Water' in the UK https://www.compelo.com/will-smith-just-water/
  6. Ale

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Now the filming of 'Bad Boys For Life' is expected to begin from November to March 'Bright 2' would start in March right after 'Bad Boys 3', while 'Suicide Squad 2' is being delayed. https://thegww.com/update-will-smith-sets-production-schedules-for-bad-boys-for-life-and-bright-2-as-suicide-squad-2-is-delayed/
  7. Ale

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    The directors of 'Bad Boys 3' and Martin Lawrence. Now this is exciting! https://www.instagram.com/p/BmRotuCh7RR/?taken-by=adilelarbi
  8. He talks boxing, 'Homebase', 'FPOBA' with Benny Medina and raps some 'I think I Can Beat Mike Tyson' https://youtu.be/IJLF5qDs1vs
  9. Here's another Arsenio interview with the Fresh Prince (and Alfonso Ribeiro): https://youtu.be/YEaTF7bqHsM
  10. Ale


    Will and A. R. Rahman at Bahamas https://pycker.com/news/ar-rahman-meets-will-smith-at-bahamas/153383659653601
  11. Ale


    A great interview with Sheree. She shares some cool unknown stories about Will.
  12. Ale

    Will's new album

    Will Smith in the studio with Jon Bellion. Possible collabo? https://twitter.com/jonbellion/status/1024835523607715841