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  1. cataboy3

    25% on rotten tomatoes

    it's up to 35 percent, and roger ebert gave it a positive review. theres definately hope.
  2. cataboy3

    Seven Pound Reviews

    some positive ones... http://www.azcentral.com/ent/movies/articl...pounds1219.html http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainme...0,2033370.story
  3. cataboy3

    Seven Pounds Trailer!

    looks better than any I aM legend prequel...
  4. cataboy3

    "Seven Pounds" is next.

    ah i hope so! i'm looking forward to seeing what this movie will be like! i can't find any information about when it will be shown
  5. cataboy3

    Will Smith - Let Me Find Out

    ahh this makes me want to hear it so bad haha NICE FIND
  6. cataboy3

    Kanye West mentions JJFP

    i agree with everything bigted has said
  7. Inspired by other posts here hahaha....I didn't insert Rock the House cause a lot of people havent heard the entire album...tisk tisk
  8. cataboy3


    yea me and FUQ got "stars amongst our state" coming along great its gonna be an underground classic man we got some hot **** people need to hear be on the look out yall
  9. cataboy3

    Vets on Wills compilation album?

    so i dont understand is will gonna record songs with people for the album or is it just other people that will selects? so aka. will fp have new material?
  10. cataboy3

    Chasing Forever

    Heres an appreciation thread for it. I mean i just popped in my big willie style and this track stood out cause i hadnt heard it in a while. Its got the ribbon in the sky sample in the beat which is hot and great lyrics. Its a really really good song and now is one of my favorites. wut do yall think?
  11. cataboy3

    Will Smith: Person of the Year

  12. cataboy3

    JJFP Official Forum Battle

    HEY I WANT IN!!!!!
  13. cataboy3

    Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff Live Tonight

    it was kind of a waste of an interview ha
  14. cataboy3

    Which Producers Should Will Work With?

    swizz beatz neptunes *outside of jeff* NOT LIL JON PLEASE
  15. cataboy3

    "United States"

    we rnt done with it yet ha we'll see what we do
  16. cataboy3

    "United States"

    Listen to it Here It's straight heat and theres tons more to come look for the album First Quarter 2006 Add me if u have myspace, and let us know wut u think
  17. cataboy3

    "United States"

    thanks for the responses guys!
  18. cataboy3

    FuQ - Just Anotha Day

    look out for our album, its gonna be huge
  19. cataboy3

    Usher wants to be like Will

    thats sweet, usher and will should collaborate on a track hha
  20. on a radio station here (93.1) DRQ they gave away a prize to fly out to LA and hang out w/ Will and Jazzy, much like they did on 94.5 (or w/e that station was.) Im wondering whats going on here! I CALLED IN BUT SOME GIRL NAMED ALISON WON and she didnt even seem excited. im a better fan :sad6:
  21. cataboy3

    Party Starte n.3