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  1. Will just posted this, a rehearsal for their 2017 concert. Excellent.
  2. I'm loving this song! Has a very 90's hip-hop feel to it.
  3. Schnazz

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    I'm really not digging him in blue. That image gosia posted looks good though.
  4. Wow, the Vevo version is way better quality.
  5. Woot! That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing that!!!
  6. Whoa! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing that!!
  7. Whoa, that's not at all what I was expecting. Thanks for sharing that!
  8. I loved the nod to Brand New Funk with "dancin and shakin and movin"
  9. Schnazz

    Will's official Youtube channel

    Oh man, this incredibly exciting!
  10. Schnazz

    Okay, so "this" happened..

    Awesome! I like that much better than his last two songs.
  11. Schnazz

    Will to star in I am legend

    That was my main disappointment with that movie. The book was brilliant because of the ending, if you take that out, it's just another run of the mill end of the world story.
  12. Schnazz


    I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it was much better than Suicide Squad. I'm not sure what the critics were going on about. The plot was very simple and obvious, but it was still a fun and funny action movie. I thought Will's acting was excellent, far better than some of his recent work. I also talked to several family members who saw it, folks who aren't die-hard Will fans. They all loved it.
  13. Schnazz


    It's getting crushed by a ton of reviewers, but some really liked it. http://variety.com/2017/film/reviews/bright-review-1202646941/ said
  14. Schnazz

    new jjfp album in january?

    Oh, that would be incredible!
  15. Schnazz

    Get Lit

    I heard that too! I'm thinking the same thing! I wasn't that crazy about the song. That style of music seems a little dated now, that seemed to be more popular a few years ago. But I'm a little out of touch with music these days. I was more bummed about the lack of lyrics. There seemed to be only a few lines to the entire song.
  16. Schnazz

    Jump On It

    I just came across this on Reddit. http://i.imgur.com/K2TqTRE.gifv
  17. Schnazz

    Will, Jaden & the O'Jays Rap!

    That was awesome!
  18. Schnazz

    New music - caution in the wild

    Whoa, this is awesome! I'm glad he put out a track, but I really hope the app leads to more releases.
  19. Schnazz

    My new novel

    I'll check it out. Good job finishing another one!
  20. Schnazz

    Mike aka WILLISILL aka Concept aka...

    Whoa, Mike! Welcome back!
  21. It's weird hearing everyone love on Boom Shake the Room. Code Red is easily my favorite album, but I think Boom is one of his worst songs. I'm in the midwest US and it did absolutely nothing here. I'm Looking for the One was reasonably popular though.
  22. That was excellent, he handled that really well.