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  1. Can I get the name of the first song?
  2. Something is something. He should do a cameo on Jazzy Jeff show
  3. VIsqo

    Da Rebirth - Where's the Peace?

    Very nice, Sorry about ur friend man.
  4. VIsqo

    Instagram Users

    Thanks a lot, I will get to follow the others
  5. VIsqo

    Shakespeare - JADEN

    Lol, guys dont be like that, this is his "cool" style, I mean, he has got his own way of rapping monotonous like he is talking to himself.
  6. VIsqo

    Magic 8 Ball Blues

    Lol, deppressing, but funny. Good job man
  7. VIsqo

    AMIRacle - 'I'm About It'

    I think is good, he is going in the righ direction. I like it
  8. VIsqo


    Will is just hanging around on ramdom events all over the world..
  9. VIsqo

    Hello (Official Video) - JADEN

    Thats exactly what I was thinking
  10. VIsqo


    This is real history, thanks for bringing it!
  11. VIsqo

    After Earth

    For Will career, but he is certainly making money
  12. Awesome, Id love to watch family matters again!
  13. VIsqo


    Romeo is killing it out there and Jada was looking gorgeous
  14. VIsqo

    Drake Disses Fans

    Yeah, its really an Idea from his song when he states that he started from the bottom..
  15. VIsqo


    Very nice article
  16. The kid can do it. Much improvement. Thanks for sharing.
  17. VIsqo

    k-os: Black on Blonde

    This is fire, will definitely be checking this out. Thanks for sharing.
  18. VIsqo

    Will Smith and Kanye West track

    If I see Will performing with a mask or a skirt, thats it.
  19. VIsqo

    Annie remake

    Yeah, I wont be seeing that.
  20. VIsqo

    Gecko Bomb - My latest and greatest video

    Its pretty cool, I liked how u tried to work on that Australian accent at times.
  21. VIsqo

    DJ JazzyJeff mix a tribute

    Very nice, Im hooked on it
  22. Awesome!! I never imagined he used soo many different cool sneakers on the show!
  23. VIsqo

    Will Smith and Kanye West track

    Ill get hyped when I hear he track on youtube.