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  1. This is great and Alfonso can sing, we know very well from the series! ;)
  2. Awesome videos, thank u guys! Always great to see Will back at the mic! So good!
  3. Haha, this is hilarious...!!! :D I at first thought this all was just a joke between them two...!
  4. I don't really like Hancock, it is ok to watch maybe once or once in a while but it is not a great movie, in my opinion, so of course I wouldn't want a sequel!
  5. Great topic! I remember the times, too - some good ol' good ol' times...! I had bought the album on amazon, I had preordered it and just couldn't wait until it comes out and arrives at my home thru the postman. This time seemed endless to me, it was just a few weeks but these few weeks were like forever...like never ending! Then when I finally had gotten the CD I immediately had to throw it into my sound system and listen to it. While listenin' I was so surprised, amazed and happy at the same time. I couldn't believe my ears, just couldn't believe how sick Will was rapping on that disc - so c
  6. I don't like MIB too much, tho' I like it. At least it's something new by Will again, so I'm lookin' forward to this! =)
  7. After a really really reeeaaally long time I come back here just to read this news - wooooooooooow, this is amazing, this just seems like a dream, I hope it ain't just a dream, tho'! Can't wait!!!
  8. Yeah, that is just soooo unfortunate and very bothering but hey - finally we're gonna have it complete, the whole series on DVD after so many years, weeehhhhaaaaaa!!! :D
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