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  1. IMDB.com took down any future projects that will smith will be working on, so we are no longer sure what his next film(s) are going to be. any guesses? so lets play a game, guess what genre his next film is going to be? ill start... (p.s. if you know for sure what his next film is, please let us know) Action/Adventure
  2. Alien

    Most emotional episode?

    every time i watch Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse i get teary eyed. no exception
  3. This is a list of movies that Will was concidered for and/or offered the role, but did not go through. If you know any more than i do please write them down. Matrix Superman I know pronounce you chuck and Larry Mr and Mrs Smith and i recently found out Rush Hour
  4. Alien

    new on youtube

    ran across this today... anyone see it before? not sure who Shad is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH8SDiPPjoc
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    sorry you guys just read the last page and did not mean to jump in front of feri. sorry
  6. Alien


    it was the episode when they was moving on up! judge Roberts said it in a very ingeniouse moment. i have not read all the posts on this game so if this is a repeat sorry... fill in the blank "With a shirt that says ______" heres a hint: not the quotes from the outtakes, the one he used during the episode
  7. hate to say this, but you cant believe what some dude writes on a random site... PLEASE don't get your hopes up until you see it on tvshowsondvd.com
  8. i have not posted in a long time... anyhow, Will finally confirmed a while back that he was offered the role of Superman in the last superman movie. (if you have not heard about it, look it up cause it was awesome!) i wanna know if anyone knows which director offered him the role? the original director of the film was Bret Ratner who went to make X-men 3, and so Bryan Singer left X-men and did Superman instead. anyone who which one of these guys was confirmed as the director when they offered superman to Will Smith?
  9. i just put a post about B-side tracks, also i was wondering if any one knows songs from other artists that feature Will Smith or JJFP. i know there is gotta be some out there i haven't heard. thanks all
  10. So the site is below, let me know if anyone has heard anything else about this. THIS IS AMAZING!!! http://www.themovieblog.com/2007/12/will-s...n-chow-in-talks
  11. Alien

    Bad Boys 3!

    http://michaelbay.com/newsblog/blog.html scroll down till you get to will smith. they put up the interview
  12. wow, thank you so much bigwilliefan
  13. Alien

    B-side tracks

    okay so this may have been posted before, but i cant find it. anyhow; im looking for Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince B-side tracks. now i doubt i can get them from one source, but i was wondering if you guys would be good enough to write down some names of the b-tracks for me so i could start a good search. i found "dance or die" on the Made in America soundtrack, but i need help to find more songs. thanks all
  14. Alien

    B-side tracks

    wow, thanks. any chance anyone knows where i could find some of these songs? thanks again
  15. OH MY GOD! it was epic. both the movie and the trailer. i just saw transformers at a pre-sale, meaning they sold it to a few towns a day early so people can just rush and see the film, and me and my friends were first in line... so during the opening trailers, everyone is talking and blah blah blah. and then the I AM LEGEND trailer pops on. some dude behind me says "oh its independence day 2" i laugh! any how, so the trailer starts to quiet down the crowd, and as soon as the shot of will going through the empty city pops up everyone just gets dead quiet and stars at the screen. no one can even move so captivated by the trailer. i loved it, it was so cool to see the crowd fall to hush at such a fast speed! and if you get a chance defenitly check out TRANSFORMERS it was so great...
  16. Alien


    http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=125992 check it out, do you guys think its possible? it would be kinda cool if you ask me. i personally cant wait till the film comes out!
  17. back in the day, did anyone ever call up the Fresh Prince hotline? you know the 1(900) 909-jeff. i never could, but i wanna know if anyone ever did, ifso how was it?
  18. Alien

    Kroq "honors" Will

    LA and Orange County's Kroq (radio station) announced the special they will have for the fourth of july. "10 years ago a man named Will Smith punched an alien in the face in a movie called Independence Day. So this fourth of july we are honoring him by playing what you choose. Yes that is right it is dedicated to the great... Will Smith! {some song samples} So thank you Will for punching that alien in the face and being so funny... when you rap!" Its kinda funny and cool. just wanted to let y'all know about it!
  19. Alien

    Pop Quiz

    it was never metioned, but it was revealed in a conversation. How many rooms does the Banks Houshold have? who ever answers right can right a new quastion if they want.
  20. Alien

    Pop Quiz

    here is what i meant. the episode where uncle phil tells hilary to leave what does she say? We have 3 extra bedrooms... so each family member has their own including geofry, (sorry about the spelling) 6+3=9
  21. Alien

    Love Songs

    where is "I love you"
  22. Alien

    Best Jazz Verse?

    best one is not listed: "I WAS GIVING YOU TIME TO GET THE LAST ONE STRAIGHT"
  23. Alien

    Will & Jada's New house

    Are they renting out a room? hehe
  24. Alien

    Will Smith Channel

    have you guys heard about this? http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1606607,0008.htm India is having a third English channel installed and its going to premiere with non-stop will smith movies!
  25. Alien

    Hitch Perody

    I went to a movie screening for a movie called "Date Movie" its a perody film by the writers of the "scary movie" films. they perodied a whole buncha date movies from "meet the parents/fockers" to "hitch" guess who played Hitch in the movie? Tony Cox. for those of you who dont know who he is, he is the little limo driver from "Me, Myself, and Irene" and the elf from "Bad Santa" the movie is really funny, and the hitch perody is awsome. the movie gets released next year sometime.