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  1. Good to be back everyone. I hope I will manage to buy a tickets.spymuseum.org & arrive to the show.
  2. willreign

    Will Smith Impromptu Rap on David Letterman 5/20/13

    I have so much catching up to do.
  3. Hey! I'm still alive, remmember me?
  4. well I just wanted to express my feelings in 1 word - UNBELIVIBLE. that's it. I've been waiting long enough for this kind of news.
  5. willreign

    Willow Smith : Whip My Hair

    well the song is cool... I don't know how much it is appropriate for 9 y.o girl. in 2:47 in the song it's sound like the "whooo" of Will... I think that in the future we need to have 2 different sections (or more) for Will's kids...
  6. willreign

    The JJFP Forum library

    wow, you made a great job!... I missed you guys...
  7. willreign

    WS mentioned in 50 cent&Dre song...

    well If you don't like the artist don't hear the song at all... it's just 2 line in the song and it's pretty good I think... and i'm sorry Jazzy Julie I have to talk about it.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RGxgWoefdI...feature=related check it out... from the next Dre album Detox... 50 like WS Pursuit of Happyness... Have a nice week end... BTW check out this link http://sderot.aish.com/SderotPetitions/15Seconds.php (that's what we been throw in the last 8 {!!!} years) BTW 2 in my city there's a new cinema theater and in the front there's a big WS painting... you got to see it...
  9. wow this is a great vid...
  10. i'm glad that it all over...
  11. willreign

    So what did everyone think of Hancock?

    well the movie was GREAT! my friend told me in the brake how there's a m,oral for all WS movies and they are created in beautiful way... of curse I agreed. I can't wait to see his next movie...
  12. willreign

    Will in a Shaggy Song

    yeah it's a great song...
  13. willreign


    may be a verse from like from shark tale... I WANT TELL ME WHY ! ! !