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    willreign got a reaction from NicawSmimapriela in Will Smith to Play Dr. S. Allen Counter   
    Will Smith and Columbia Pictures are teaming to bring to the screen the story of Dr. S. Allen Counter, a Harvard professor and professional explorer, says The Hollywood Reporter.

    The studio has purchased a screenplay from screenwriter Sid Quashie centering on Counter for Smith and James Lassiter's Overbrook Entertainment to produce.

    The project is described as an adventure romance based on Counter's explorations. It's not clear which expedition it will center on, but Counter has done research on indigenous people of the rain forest in Suriname as well as on Eskimo tribes in Greenland.

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    willreign reacted to Ale in Will Smith Sets Sights on 'Wild Bunch' Reboot at Warner Bros   
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    willreign reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Will: "If 'After Earth' is successful in Korea, I'm gonna do a song with Psy"   
    THAT WOULD BE...awful. As far as I'm concerned, the movie can tank. I want music. Psy is obnoxious and doesn't make actual music. We know the movie is gonna be large, tho.'
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    willreign reacted to joe1306 in Will, Jeff, Alfonso & Jaden on Graham Show   

    Here it is!! Made me smile all over the face and brought me back to the good old days! :)
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    willreign reacted to DefCEM in Another RARE TREAT   
    Thanks to you guys i was able to get my hands on the I'm Looking For The One Live Video and as a return i have this little gift for you.
    I played around a lil bit with the video. Hope you like it!

    Have fun!
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