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  1. dparrott

    Nas - Lost Tapes 2

    Album just dropped. It's just a'ight for me, but this one is fire!
  2. Got some more rhymes for this here forum Pop rappers today? Ain't got a dime for em Seriously, they'll kill me cause of boredom It gives me the need to plug my mic cord in Check whatcha listenin to, be sure ya hearin me Real rap don't get played after Ed Sheeran, G Big strong men used to make G hits Now we got a bunch of nasal whiny "lil" kids Monotone, autotune, no lyrical gift Making records with Taylor Swift
  3. We freestyin in the forum of the Fresh Prince? We gotta keep it real rap ain't been the same since I'm old school like 8-bit and the Matrix Kids 8 and greater they play Drake and hate this You can't fake this, this comes from the heart The greatness, I was there when it all started The departed used to get retarded with the beats Not for streams or views, they did it for the streets When RHYMES were more important the BEATS DJ's rest in peace true MC's won't cease
  4. dparrott

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Nice, that's a dope song. Just discovered Ruby with a live band! https://youtu.be/SCd3iSfnWSw
  5. dparrott

    UK Hip Hop / Grime

    I love Professor Elemental. Quirky, fun, great timing, great beats. https://youtu.be/8VgQPOK_wuo
  6. dparrott

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    Just discovered Filipino rapper Ruby Ibarra. Kills this Lord Finesse beat! https://youtu.be/26QaSjnfImc
  7. Gotta add this to the list. Just discovered it. Spacey disco funk from the 80s. Love it to death. https://youtu.be/GSThZv7ZUk8
  8. dparrott

    New Eminem album - Kamikaze

    Some of the songs are too "new school" for my liking, but it's decent. Dunno about being the GOAT but he's up there fo sho.
  9. I'm partial to these because they were my intro to rap: Run DMC - Raising Hell LL Cool J - Bigger And Deffer JJFP - DJ...Rapper Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill Fat Boys - Big & Beautiful Others: Nas - Illmatic Sir Mix-A-Lot - Chief Boot Knocka Public Enemy - Nation Of Millions DJ Quik - Quik Is The Name Ice-T - OG Original Gangster Afroman - Afroholic Compton's Most Wanted - It's A Compton Thang Beastie Boys - Ill Communication Non-rap: Blur - The Great Escape Warpaint - The Fool Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory Oasis - Be Here Now Primus - Antipop Drain STH - Freaks Of Nature Duran Duran - Rio
  10. The booklet says this started out to be Jazzy's album and that Prince was backing HIM up. I always thought the opposite. That's kind of messing with my head a bit.
  11. Man that bassline to the new Brand New Funk is THICK!
  12. So Jeff did the voice of Freddy! I always assumed it was RRC haha
  13. Just got mine from ebay. Good sized booklet with a lot of info and pictures of the singles. Yea I've always loved "Another Special Announcement", still remember it from the tape I had. And BNF live is so dope with the extra parts.
  14. Nice. We got two old school stations north of L.A. http://streamdb7web.securenetsystems.net/v5/KQIE http://www.1063spinfm.com/
  15. One of my favorite shows The Goldbergs is set in the 80's. This past week's show is about the brothers wanting to be like JJFP and write their own rap called "Dads Just Don't Care". Great episode. Review is here
  16. Beastie Boys rhymes over Run-DMC beats! https://we.tl/9vHX6pZNUN
  17. I don't understand this dude's popularity or what makes him "soooo good". Sounds like the same sing song pop bullsh** to me.
  18. Yea I got it. He's still bringin it hardcore and I love that. That raw ENERGY! Some of the "best rappers" today sound like they're half asleep. I can't understand the popularity. I was raised on 80's rap when most of them had loud strong voices. These artists today have whiny wimpy voices, I hate it. I also got "King Of The Ol' School". It sounds like a compilation album though, the mastering is all over the place.
  19. dparrott

    PJDU in Arby's commercial

    Just realized I had the wrong song in the title.
  20. It's mostly good, some songs are all guests and no Tribe, which I don't like. But a LOT of good beats and vibes.
  21. They're back with a Biggie cover! Rap remix:
  22. dparrott

    Nas: Jazz Remixes

    Just found this while looking up his music. Jazz remixes of Nas songs. Don't like how some are edited versions, but it's good. https://funkydl.bandcamp.com/album/jazzmatic-nas-remixes https://funkydl.bandcamp.com/album/jazzmatic-2-nas-remixes