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  1. Just got mine from ebay. Good sized booklet with a lot of info and pictures of the singles. Yea I've always loved "Another Special Announcement", still remember it from the tape I had. And BNF live is so dope with the extra parts.
  2. Nice. We got two old school stations north of L.A. http://streamdb7web.securenetsystems.net/v5/KQIE http://www.1063spinfm.com/
  3. One of my favorite shows The Goldbergs is set in the 80's. This past week's show is about the brothers wanting to be like JJFP and write their own rap called "Dads Just Don't Care". Great episode. Review is here
  4. Beastie Boys rhymes over Run-DMC beats! https://we.tl/9vHX6pZNUN
  5. I don't understand this dude's popularity or what makes him "soooo good". Sounds like the same sing song pop bullsh** to me.
  6. Yea I got it. He's still bringin it hardcore and I love that. That raw ENERGY! Some of the "best rappers" today sound like they're half asleep. I can't understand the popularity. I was raised on 80's rap when most of them had loud strong voices. These artists today have whiny wimpy voices, I hate it. I also got "King Of The Ol' School". It sounds like a compilation album though, the mastering is all over the place.
  7. Just realized I had the wrong song in the title.
  8. It's mostly good, some songs are all guests and no Tribe, which I don't like. But a LOT of good beats and vibes.
  9. They're back with a Biggie cover! Rap remix:
  10. Just found this while looking up his music. Jazz remixes of Nas songs. Don't like how some are edited versions, but it's good. https://funkydl.bandcamp.com/album/jazzmatic-nas-remixes https://funkydl.bandcamp.com/album/jazzmatic-2-nas-remixes
  11. OC, AG, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, etc. Still keepin it real 20+ years later!
  12. Artwork and music are awesome, vocals are average.
  13. First album in 10 years, and aside from a track with autotune, ain't nuttin changed! Old school beats in 2015! http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/blackalicious-imani-vol-1/BMINES002CD/
  14. That cube album's fake, read the comments. That's gonna be another detox: always talked about, forever delayed. Yes, Eminem's verse IS sick on Dre's album!
  15. A lot of mixed reviews on this one. It's too "new school" for me, too much singing and guests. Could have been a better mix of old and new.
  16. It's also funny how songs you haven't heard for years seem like you just heard them yesterday. I had these guys on tape back in the day and forgot about them until recently.
  17. Rahway Prison 1991. I forgot how good these guys were. Real talk and great beats too.
  18. Snoop made a good song about it years ago: Anyone claiming Afroman ain't real hip hop don't know real hip hop. Because I Got High isn't rap I know, but that's just one song. He's the real deal.
  19. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1u01kv_yo-mtv-raps-unplugged-a-tribe-called-quest-mc-lyte-ll-cool-j-de-la-soul-1991_music Full show online...even with commercials!!!
  20. That's exactly my point: if anyone else did Ratchet, I would think it sucked, but since LL did it, it's tolerable for me. Personal preference.
  21. This is where I differ: I tried out Dayne and J.Cole, not impressed by either. But a mediocre LL song I can sit through [Ratchet], not just because it's him, but because to me his voice can turn a weak beat into a decent song.
  22. Inspired by KRS-ONE's album Never Forget. http://traxsfv.bandcamp.com/track/rappers-delight-freestyle
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