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  1. Silver Tiger

    Summertime 'The Mixtape' Vol 3

    Downloading now!
  2. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    Thanks Ben! bigted, I added you on my profile. I'll need you to go to the LL page yourself though to like it. It doesn't let me go to people's profiles, they can only come to me. I checked out your music page too. Thanks for the shout out!
  3. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    Thanks guys! Just need tres mas.
  4. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    Thanks Tim... And I thought it would help me with nostolgia :(
  5. Silver Tiger

    So I need some facebook help too...

    I appreciate that Visqo. I wasn't sure if that one was you or not.
  6. Silver Tiger

    Django Unchained

    Will screwed up hard by not taking this one, IMO. It would have been great for his career.
  7. Silver Tiger

    Partner in Crime (new video)

    De nada!
  8. Silver Tiger

    Partner in Crime (new video)

    I decided to get bring back my green screen. Hope you guys like it!
  9. Silver Tiger

    Partner in Crime (new video)

    Thanks FuQ. My girlfriend actually got me the green screen. Here's how it works: It's a cloth green sheet. I pin it to the wall. Good lighting is necessary. You want to get rid of shadows. To make the green screen invisible you use the chroma key process. This means you use your video editor to pick a color in the video (the green) and the editor will remove that color from the video, allowing you to put whatever you want behind it. Hope that was understandable. Thanks for checking it out!
  10. Silver Tiger

    Partner in Crime (new video)

    Ha, yeah when I came up with the video the concept was pretty much the end of it. I just needed a way to justify it, so that's why the beginning is the way it is. Glad you liked it though!
  11. Well they've got time to do a decent conversion, but movies filmed in 3D will always look better than those converted after the fact.
  12. I'd probably see it again. I'm not expecting great use of 3D though.
  13. Silver Tiger

    Partner in Crime (new video)

    Thanks Visqo! Are you talking about that video I mentioned last time? Yeah, I'm still waiting on that one, myself. One of the guys is taking forever to finish it because of another project he has been working on. It should be up in a week or so though... hopefully.
  14. Silver Tiger

    Can I get your opinion on my song?

    Not bad, man. Keep it up. I would suggest that you try to amp up the energy though. Especially in front of a crowd.
  15. Silver Tiger

    What do you think of MIB3?

    Will killed any chance of me seeing it in 3D when I saw him on Letterman. Converted 3D isn't nearly as good as something filmed with the right equipment. Avatar had really good 3D. The Avengers, did not. As far as MIB3 is concerned. I liked it. The second half more so than the first. Some scenes were really well done. Josh Brolin did a great job. The jokes weren't great though. Especially when I think about how funny the first film was. It was a decent movie. A hell of a lot better than MIB2 (which wasn't hard), but I think they could probably end the series here. I can't see TLJ doing another one.
  16. Hahaha, I like how they keep getting more and more out of breath the longer they go.
  17. Silver Tiger

    A couple webcomics mentioning FP

    lol, pretty subtle references.
  18. I made a new video and I'd like to know what you think of it. THANKS for watching... but only if you watched!
  19. Silver Tiger

    Donna Summer is dead at 63

    RIP Donna. You had some really fun songs.
  20. Silver Tiger

    Who is Kel Spencer?

    I talked to him a while back and asked him when he's gonna drop the album. He said that people don't want albums right now. At this point, I think he should just put one out if this is what he truly wants in his life.
  21. Silver Tiger

    Dental Revolution- My new video

    Lol, man I hope not. I'm going back to the dentist on Tuesday... can't wait. Thanks for watching AJ!
  22. Silver Tiger

    Near and Far/Music is my Therapy

    Nice job, Tim! You put a lot into these.
  23. Silver Tiger

    Dental Revolution- My new video

    Thanks guys! I got a new one with other people coming out soon that I'm pretty excited about.
  24. Silver Tiger

    Dental Revolution- My new video

    Thanks guys! :)
  25. lol, so when does the actual song drop?