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  1. I will cop it. I just hope there's no wack rappers featured on it.
  2. Silver Tiger

    No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith

    It hasn't grown on me at all...
  3. Silver Tiger

    How to Use Your Degree!

    Thanks, Schnazz! Much appreciated! Tim: Yeah, it's a huge pain. The only real way seems to be networking or getting in through an internship. But 99% of internships in the US require you to still be in school. It's a trip.
  4. Silver Tiger

    How to Use Your Degree!

    You might notice some of Tim's work in the beginning...
  5. Silver Tiger

    My New Site

    Not bad, Ben. What kind of pieces do you ultimately want to write? Oh and I followed you. Feel free to follow me back! @isntchrisL
  6. This was pretty cool. I can see this becoming more popular.
  7. Silver Tiger

    How to Use Your Degree!

    Thanks for showing your friends, Victor! And yeah, it sucks... Everyone keeps telling me it's depressing but true, lol. Thanks for watching, Illmatic! The skits in that song are great.
  8. Silver Tiger

    Terminator 2: Burnin' Up

    Yeah, T2 is one of my favorite films. Thanks for checking it out, Ale!
  9. Silver Tiger

    Terminator 2: Burnin' Up

    I just put this together. They play this damn song at work all the time and I always think of T2. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqD1kV81Nv4
  10. Silver Tiger


    Biographical films are always filled with problems. I think having someone like Ice Cube involved in the production is risky. The N.W.A. story is an ugly one. Unless Ice Cube is able to completely distance himself from criticism and achieve a state of total Zen, we need more to balance the situation. I feel like a good Bio could be made, but thorough research must be done with no regard for who's your boss. They need to interview everyone they can in order to craft a fair and entertaining story.
  11. Silver Tiger


    I think Gray is a good choice too. I'm still worried about how much influence Ice Cube might have over the story though.
  12. Silver Tiger


    Interesting. I wish Ice Cube wasn't involved though. When you get people who were a part of the story producing it, you end up with heavily biased material like Notorious.
  13. Silver Tiger

    Terminator 2: Burnin' Up

    I don't like the song either. I love the movie. It's a joke. Every time I hear that stupid song I think of T2. Thanks for checking it out, Victor!
  14. Silver Tiger


    I'm happy I didn't fall for it . And sad he still hasn't announced it yet .
  15. Silver Tiger


    This is almost 4 years old. Still sad though!
  16. Silver Tiger

    It's been 7 years since "Lost and Found"

    Wow I remember bumpin' it and excitedly posting up my review...
  17. Not bad. The title is misleading though. I wanted to hear Will on the song too.
  18. Silver Tiger

    Found You

    Nice job, Tim. It's cool to see you doing more of these.
  19. Silver Tiger

    No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith

    There is really nothing special about the song at all. I'm really disappointed that this is how they let it end.
  20. Silver Tiger

    No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith

    TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE decision. I am actually angry about this. I can't stand Pitbull. I mean, of all the people to give it to... Pitbull? This also means the song is going to be plastered all over the movie and the marketing. I am more angry about this than I should be, but DAMMIT WILL, CUT IT OUT!
  21. Silver Tiger

    2 weeks til Willow Smith's new album

    Ask Dr. Dre in 10 years when he starts talking about Detox again.
  22. Silver Tiger

    New iPad

    lol, more like a year but I'm sure it feels like two weeks when you plop down that kind of cash. I can say that, because I don't have that kind of cash . :sFun_banghead: