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  1. mfuqua23 » bigted

    Yo Ted, are u mad at me for something? if u are, I got a pretty good idea. And for that I am seriously sorry, with no excuse but being stupid.

  2. mfuqua23 » MissAshley

    Hey MissAshley, figured I'd drop by and say whats up? Hope all your creative works are staying sharp.

  3. bigted » mfuqua23

    Hey dawg just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you wanting to reach out to help me with this music thing, one love

  4. mfuqua23 » Luigie

    Hey Luigie, thx for da shoutout u sent. I'll surely use some of it. Stay up! Peace!

  5. mfuqua23 » bigted

    Hey Ted, u know ur lookin to get some recording soon? I think I have an idea, especially with our recent hookup. :thumbsup:

  6. Wyoming Unsigned Talent » mfuqua23

    hey bro ur added on my part

  7. bigted » mfuqua23

    thanks for the love dawg, don't worry i'm gonna keep writing til i can't write no more, btw i figured i'd let you know that i just pre-ordered nas' new album too, peace

  8. mfuqua23 » bigted

    Hey Ted. Just stoppin by to say what up? Keep up wit the dope lyrics.

  9. bigted » mfuqua23

    hey i added you dawg, keep doing your thing man, holla at me