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  1. Won't be too many of them happening I can assure you!! Haha, I wonder what you could be referring too
  2. Haha, soon as I pressed post Brakes' comment was right there too. Call it a tie, haha!
  3. I’ll stride against you Brakes, your take prosthetic steps like Heather Mills I kidnapped Jazzy Jeff’s hype man, so there’s no doubting I have ‘Skillz’ Your rap name is an abbreviation of how they describe me lyrically A Dangerous And Brutal Rapper Always Killing Emcees Simply Distress signals all over Britain if I let you fly the flag for the UK They’ll be at half mast like a John McCain Mexican wave Katie’s not a faithful bride man, she’s more like share a wife You should ask the date of conception night coz Caleb could be mine I’m like a 50 year marriage, golden, first place in anta
  4. Oh, I see it. The I Am Legend DVD on the coffee table!
  5. I have no idea how it related to Will, but Meth is the man!
  6. Tim for me, more punchlines that hit harder. Ted had a great verse with some dope lines too tho, props.
  7. It’s a rhythmic attack as soon as my lyrics get dispatched I’m pulling you back like the umbilical cord is still attached Blocking ya skills arteries like it’s a lyrical heart attack It’s a jail metaphor like you getting arrested for cardiac Out of this world like Venus, like you getting served like tennis Feel the wrath of a menace like my first name was Dennis I'll book you in for surgery to remove my punch lines from your brain Your style is expressionless like I Botox'd on your mind frame I could assassinate Bill Gates and ‘Access’ the ‘Outlook’ of myself As the lyrical Microsoft,
  8. I chose to stop battlin' a few years ago, but screw it, I'm In!
  9. Lyriclaly its dope, the timing of the flow is slightly off in my opinion. But overall I'm feeling it. Good job, bro.
  10. Perfectly said. How is it possible that you think a word is empowering, but if someone else says it, you then refer back to its oppressive origin, even if they use it in the empowering form you claim it as? If people want to use it, they can, but don't contradict yourself or have a double standard on its use.
  11. Turn took it hands down. Had way more punchlines that hit harder.
  12. Thanks man, appreciated. It is an original beat, but from Shadowville, so I'm not the first to use it. Shame about the autotune too.
  13. A friend of mine passed away 2 years ago, and I've just got around to recording the tribute song I've had planned for months. Its unedited and still needs mixing down, so sound quality isnt as best as it could be at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmt1E9nXKWk
  14. Im gonna def get at you very soon, dope! Appreciate that man. Showing the versatility in my flow is something I'm working on. I'm in the middle of making an original album, they'll be some slower material on it. I may do a remix to Drive Slow though, I love that song. Cheers man. Appreciated all the feedback guys, means a lot.
  15. Haha cheers man. Good enough to get a verse from you on my new album?
  16. Basically, I wanted to just put some new music out there whilst I work on my new album, so just did a couple quick remixes. As always, likes, comments, and all feedback is appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcYxerEnbck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFwIdAKt76M
  17. Kel Spencer ft Lydia Caesar - Eye On You 2 very underated artists!
  18. Haha, you just happened to ask for it in the 2 weeks building up to my best friend getting married. Don't worry, I'll tell him how incosiderate it was, lol. Here ya go fellas: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=06AAUI5O
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