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  1. Here is some of the jazzyjefffreshprince.com crew - there was a lot of us there.. there was heaps of JJFP fans there it was incredible to see - everyone had made their own JJFP t-shirts! Brakes shirt got a lot of love! I'll write a whole article about the experience I just need time to process it but the concert was a lifelong dream and it was as good as I had hoped. Amazing experience. For those that couldn't go, Lynette, Jeff's wife said that when Will and Jeff got off the stage in Croatia the look in their eyes said they were going to do more of these shows...


  2. Get excited:



    The exciting news comes after Jazzy explained how he managed to persuade Will to reform their hip hop unit The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff last year following the death of the show’s ‘Uncle Phil’, played by James Avery, during open heart surgery on New Year’s Eve 2013.

    The pair released five albums together, and their Grammy-winning Summertime, before going their separate ways when Will’s Hollywood career took off.

    Jazzy Jeff

    Jazzy Jeff is to reunite with Will Smith later this month

    Jazzy said: “This has been a long time coming. I have been fighting for it.

    “Being one of the biggest movie guys in the world, it was really about Will’s schedule and freeing up the time.

    “But Will’s heart is still in music - he keeps talking about it and bringing it up. I told him ‘listen, man, we need to satisfy that heart'.

    Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will perform at Livewire Festival in Blackpool

    Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will perform at Livewire Festival in Blackpool

    “So I ended up going out to California and I went to his house, and I sat down and explained to him how I would love to do a show and mapped it.

    “I got him really excited and the next day he agreed, he said ‘we’re doing it’.

    “We’ve always had offers, but because of his schedule we would always have to turn them down.

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast

    "I think what just happened when he said ‘let’s do something’, the first two offers were the festival in Croatia and Blackpool.”

    Jazzy, who will headline Blackpool’s Livewire festival on Sunday, August 27, insisted that despite the huge time lapse since they last performed, he and Will would feel no nerves because they have been secretly gigging ever since.

    Will was the main role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Will was the main role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    He said: “We have performed together a lot - when Will was in Suicide Squad we did a performance, and we did a performance at a friend’s wedding, but not everybody gets a chance to see that.

    “The crazy thing about Will and I, we pretty much can perform right now without any rehearsal.

    “It’s like you never forget how to ride a bike.

    "We are definitely leaning heavily to a lot of the classic stuff.

    "People aren’t coming to hear new stuff, they’re coming for stuff they know, so the nervousness or uneasiness you might have about performing - you’re not performing for people who don’t know who you are. This is a tribute.”