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    facebook just deleted our jjfp page with 200,000 followers so that doesn't help!
  2. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    LOved the movie. Will and Martin's performances were awesome - and the new directors came through! Already seen it twice!
  3. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Bad Boys 2 poster was way better.
  4. Hmm. Would have been nice if it was something we could get to. Good to see JJFP performing nonetheless.
  5. This sounds really good. Looking forward to it.
  6. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    in 2 days! exciting!
  7. Cris got in trouble for dropping it. He has some more goodies if wills people agree to put em out.
  8. I said to Cris they should release it as a Netflix documentary and he did like the comment... fingers crossed.
  9. I love how Will just ripped that it one take! When he performed this for me it was exactly the same and then jeff said you forget men in blacks lyrics but remember this? Hah. Obviously one of Wills fav verses. They recorded the track in Jeff’s mums basement.
  10. Hero1

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    It’s now racing past $800 million and going to be Wills best movie of all time. Hope he gets an Oscar nom too!
  11. Hero1

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    The music is so good combined with a great movie it’s Will at his best. Aladdin has made $116 million opening in the US, it was projected about 75, and it’s on its way to $360-400 million in the US alone and will be Wills biggest movie ever. Soundtrack is no 1 all over the world too.
  12. Hero1

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    I loved Aladdin man..one of wills best performances...my full cinema applauded at the end. I think everyone who saw it loved it. This is gonna be huge. I’m expecting 1 billion worldwide.
  13. Friend like me with DJ Khaled is awesome!!!!!!!! Mib/w3 soundtrack good! FP is back!
  14. 4 new rap tracks from Will this week!
  15. Hero1

    'Aladdin' - Will as Genie

    Will is on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday to promote Aladdin.
  16. For a feature this is quality Ted- for his album I’m sure he will drop some quality deep stuff. I expect it to come out in June.
  17. This is a great track! Sounds like early 90s hip hop. Would love to see Jeff do a remix.
  18. I like the trailer! I know Ang Lee knows how to make a good movie so I’m looking forward to this.
  19. Hero1

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Miami is such a huge part of these movies I can’t believe they’ve been filming most of it in Atlanta...
  20. Hero1

    What Are You Listening To? XXII

    https://youtu.be/d_6hbM5NNoM nice to hear a good hip hop song with some meaning for once.
  21. We will get some new music from Will in May as he has done tracks for the Aladdin soundtrack. He may try to use that to drop an album after like he did with the mib soundtrack.
  22. Thanks for joining Dr Ill! there are a lot of lurkers out there... it is amazing we got to see this video!