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Nas - Can't forget about you (new)


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It's a good Album, but I would not call it a classik. He doesnt pull it of like he did on It Was Written. That was a true masterpiece. Hip Hop Is Dead is good, but it wont be the best release 06.. The Root's take that one.

Really? Don't get me wrong I consider Nas and Black Thought in the same level of skills...maybe Black Thought a little bit higher due to consistency but as an album "Hip Hop Is Dead" is a far more consistant album than Game Theory.

As far as "It Was Written" goes it seems...only you and Lupe Fiasco seem to think it was his best album ever...one word..."Illmatic"!

And as far as best hip hop album release goes, there is no messing with "Food & Liqour".

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man I'm not even a Nas fan..but this album is crazy! traxs im feeling.. "carry on tradition" "where are they now" "hip hop is dead" "still dreaming" "blunt ashes" "let there be light" .. I really like "cant forget about you" and "hold down the block" well thats nearly the whole damn album!! I havent been feelin Nas since illmatic.(one love, the world is yours i loved when they came out). but this is a real return to form.. hes more reflective and thoughtful.. The topics are great..lyrics flow is tight.. one of the albums of the year.

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Dam this album was a disapointment if it was less then great. It is the best of the year.. a collab with jigga endin one of the biggest beefs and in my opinian the best diss tracks ever, alot of bangin producers, a time in need of a greatr album, and of cource the man too drop it NASTY FU*KIN NAS the best ever... ****tt Illmatic, it was written, stillmatic, gods son, lost tapes, and now for his 5 masterpeice hip hop is dead


oh nd yeah I am is good nd streets diciples it ight nastrodomus was iffy it had a fewgood tracks but for nas a flop.... the one flop

well the outcome hes the 1 MC

he did it bigger then jigga on black republican too....RIP Jigga its Esco all day

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I'm with Hero1 on this one. Blunt Ashes, Let there be light and Can't forget about you are all wonderful. Alot of really great songs.

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