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Listen to Will Smith (Reader's Digest)


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Will's on the cover of Reader's Digest, I don't have it but found a link to an audio interview


Listen to Will Smith

Entertainer extraordinaire Will Smith reveals the secrets of his success and offers a glimpse into his personal life away from the bright lights.

Reader's Digest recently sat down with Will Smith, a virtual one-man entertainment industry, to talk about family, fame, and his new movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Find out what has inspired Will over the years to be the best actor, rapper, and father he could be.

there's also a written interview guys:


Will Power

Will Smith is one driven guy.

By Meg Grant

he's also in:

Entertainment Weekly (Dreamgirls on the cover) the current or upcoming (depends on where you are i suppose)

Premiere Magazine December issue that I mentioned a while back...if i find any of the mags i'll try to get them scanned but so far i haven't seen them in my area

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Is it me, or does it sound like Will's been hanging out with Tom Cruise too much.

It's not just you... I'm starting to get scared! :tantrum: :paperbag: "It's a star... gate, It's a star passage way from one place to another!"

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Is it me, or does it sound like Will's been hanging out with Tom Cruise too much.

It's not just you... I'm starting to get scared! :tantrum: :paperbag: "It's a star... gate, It's a star passage way from one place to another!"

The thing that got my attention was the discussion he had with his son about the notion of "fainess" and "unfairness." If I were in Jayden's place, my first question would be, "Well why can't I have Ice Cream?"

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We gotta do a podcast about this :pony: universal patterns? :lol:

I'm there... This was too weird an interview to pass up.

your faucet is a gate kids

I really really just hope that he meant "gateway."

We need to get Will away from those crazies in Hollywood. I'm serious.

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I must be one of a few people who actually thought this was a good interview lol..it's a sad day when Will's fans think he's turning into Tom Cruise

Well there were a number of things that made parts of the interview weird... and really, weird is the best word to describe it. I don't think it was a bad interview. It was a pretty good one.

For example, I already mentioned the whole "fair/unfair" thing... Then there was the issue of "justice" and the idea that "there is no way to measure whether or not someone deserves something." Also, there was the whole reading and running will make you happy thing...

I agree to an extent with his view of the current educational system. While I think that having a firm understanding of something like history (including dates, people, locations) is vital, I agree that there often isn't the proper emphasis on the significance of the events, but rather just an exercise in remembering the dates, people and locations.

In general, he seemed to make a lot of concepts that should have been straight forward, somewhat convoluted, though I think that was more the interviewer's fault than his. For example, Will mentioned that the way in which he picked a few of his film projects was that he observed some of the patterns in the film industry. He considered which were the more successful films, and chose to do films like those. Simple concept. But then the interviewer asked him how he learned to do that. I'm thinking... "Well, common sense." But it becomes a thing, when it could have stopped at his initial answer.

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well the whole fair/unfair thing actually made sense to me b/c there's probably a reason she got ice cream and he didn't (lol) but he never said anything, it's probably that wanting something just b/c you see somebody else with it type of thing....you could tell he really wasn't sure how to answer that question about deserving something, i kinda disagreed with him there too at certain points

his ideas about education also made a great deal of sense to me, I think home schooling is always gonna be a touchy subject but i can def. agree with his reasons for why they home school their kids, and they seem to be going about it in a great way esp. when they're having sit downs with educators and Harvard professors and what not, and actually working toward changes in their kids education..i think he made a lot of good points there

but the whole gateway thing and universal patterns i didn't find weird at all lol...yeah I agree he did address a question with a straightforward answer and it's like she wanted him to elaborate when there really wasn't much more to be said

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