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I'm home again!


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Ok guys,

here i am, back again and i must say that the show was dope! it wasn't as good as the first time, but the aftershow event just killed it today!

i just talked to darnell during the show and he told me to come up to him after the show to take the pictures he made 6 months ago. so i did but jeff was already out of the club sitting in the car with mad skillz.

afterwards he told me to come with him and we went to the car and there they were. jeff came out and we shook hands. (darnells comment: "yo Jeff, do you remember him? thats Tim's boy man" Jeff: "ah yeah i do")

we had also a lil bit time to talk together. fortunately i had my own cam with me, so darnell just took my cam and made some new photos (they're really dope!).

and i asked jeff if he could name some of the artists he featured on "the return of the magnificient"...

And yeah Tim, be prepared, Jeff is going to send you an e-mail. he just wants to tell you somethin (nothing bad) :lolsign: :wiggle:

I also did a few videos. and woohoo i captured that LL Cool J-Rock The Bells routine! :bowdown:

I just thanked him for the great music they do and everything, of course i was a lil bit nervous but it really payed off for me! mad skillz looked kinda pissed off and tired, when i wanted to thank him, so i just left him alone.

Pix and videos are following in the potnas area. :pony:

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