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Now Q-Tip's voice is used in a beer commercial but his fans are mostly overage so that seems suitable, Jay-Z appeals to younger fans, even 2Pac/Snoop appealed to a lot of younger fans back then too, what they do doesn't look like a good image for rap, and just 'cause 2Pac did something 10 years ago means that it's right, rappers should learn from his mistakes or else they'll face the same criticisism, the rap game ain't gonna evolve thinking like that, rappers need to follow Will's lead to be responsible to the fans, with the positiion that Jay-Z has he could easily call Gatorade or a soft drink company and the commercial would come off proper for his fans, he don't have to settle for a beer commercial if he don't want to

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All I was saying was criticizing Jay-Z wouldn't be right when others do the same thing. If Jay-Z was to do a Gatorade commercial, I'd like to see him sitting in the stands watchin a Nets game (cuz that's the team he owns right?) and then starts rappin while all kind of action is goin' on. Obviously, there is a good and bad of the commercialism of Hip Hop.

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