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New Michael Jackson Song?!

The Definition

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hey guys i havent even been or posted on this forum for a long time now as ive been busy with gettin ready for uni and stuff, but i was on the internet the other day and stumbled across this at another foum, it said it was a new michael jackson song called escape and that his new album is coming next year sometime, anyway i thought id bring it over here for you guys!

check it out hes still got it, anyway ill try and post more when i get settled in at uni, hope you guys are all good.

Michael Jackson - No Escape

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sure, it's a good track. but I wish he could go back to the sound he used yo do. but times has changed and so has he :)

I'm just glad to hear that he is making music again! Cant wait for his next album!

But I think the track is good and thanx for sharin' Definition!

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I hate 2 bust everyone's bubble, but this song actually got leaked back in 2002 or 2003. There is an unathorized MJ CD out there that included this song and that 9/11 track (as well as others) that got put out around 2003 if i remember correctly.

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Ok... well i'm not going to say that i am suprised. the first thing i thinked when i heard the song was that was just an unrelesed song from like invincible, it sonunded a little bit too much like the other songs on there. I dont think he would make a comeback album with songs thet sounds just like the songs on his last album. still wish he could go back to the sound he used to do... but still nice to hear something I havent heard.

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