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I listen a lot to music and so when i hear any artist say Big Will, Will Smith or anything like that I listen more and search fro lyrics on the net but when i can't find lyrics and canät make out the words in the song I become puzzled so if anyone could help me with the following...

I don't know if you've heard the song it's a couple of months old... DMX-We in here in the song he says something bout Will but I can't make out what...does anyone know?

Then there is songs like Start from Scratch with The game where i can't understand what he means...It's in the second or third verse i think and It goes like this:

I would have told Big Will it rain every Tuesday and Thursday


When pigeons in your coupe you gotta watch where your birds lay

And In the Outkast song In due Time´big boi says:

Fallin a victim to your greed boi

You're lookin to be Big Willie, but you're still a seed boi

could you help clear this out for me

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Well I'm gonna put a quick summary of all these since they've basically been discussed here before-

DMX "We In Here"-DMX is dissing Def Jam for releasing Rhianna's single that jacked the "Switch" beat while his single got shelved from being released, leading to him now being on Columbia and releasing his new album this week btw

Game "Start From Scratch"-Game's probably referring to one of his street homies named Big Will, not Big Will the rapper

And basically the Big Willie that Outkast refers to "In Due Time" there is basically just slang for top playa, big dawg, in there it's just being said that person's not big enough yet to be the top playa

Nuff said, close thread...

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Thanx and sorry for bringing this up again but I haven't been in here for a while and if you want

answers then you must ask to get them,right? And I don't think we should close the thread what so bad with

explaining things to people...have patience...The whole worlds in a rush, big ted just hush :smart:

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