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Eminem Is Coming Back


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DJ Whoo Kidd is set to release a new mixtape that will be the return of EMINEM ! The mixtape is titled "The Re-Up" and will also feature several tracks from new rapper on shady records "Cashis".

The Re-Up is a new mixtape by Aftermath/Interscope recording star Eminem, to be mixed by DJ Whoo Kid. The tape is to mark the return of Eminem after rumours of retirement. The album not only features Eminem, but raps by Obie Trice, Busta Rhymes, D12, Cashis, Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater, 50 Cent, G-Unit and late rap artist Proof. The album features production by The Alchemist and is hosted by Eminem and DJ Whoo Kid. The album is made and dedicated to slain Shady/Interscope Records recording artist and Eminem’s longtime bestfriend Proof. It includes posthumus material and dedication tracks.

The album contains a new Eminem single "Things Need To Change." It is a track dedicated to Eminem’s slain friend and D12 group member, Proof. The track has a video for it. It features fellow D12 member, friend and Detroit rapper Bizarre.

The album is assumed to be the return of Eminem, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Who also brought the recent Lloyd Banks mixtape to the streets. The album is said to show a new side of Eminem, after the release and disapointment of Encore. It is suppose to prove Eminem as still a strong force in hip-hop and shows his mixed emotions to the slaying of Proof.

Tracklisting : (subject to change)

Eminem Featuring DJ Whoo Kid - We’re Back

Eminem - Let Me Speak

Eminem Featuring Bizarre - Things Need To Change

Obie Trice Featuring Akon - Snitch

Eminem - I’m Lazy

Busta Rhymes Featuring Nas - Rough Around The Edges

Eminem Featuring D12 - Last Words (R.I.P. Proof)

Rick Ross Featuring Jay-Z & Young Jeezey - Hustlin’ (Remix)

Obie Trice - Cry Now

Stat Quo - Twirl

Obie Trice - Pistol Pistol (D12 Remix)

Alchemist - The Interlude

Obie Trice Featuring The Alchemist - The Word Is Out

D12 Featuring Eminem & Proof - Blast That

Lloyd Banks Featuring 50 cent - My House

Dr. Dre - The Interlude (Part Two)

Busta Rhymes Featuring Eminem - I’ll Hurt You

All Of Shady Records - The Interlude (Part Three)

Swifty & Kuniva - Freestyle

Obie Trice Featuring Eminem - Emulate

Trick Trick - Freestyle

Proof Featuring 50 Cent - Forgive Me

Eminem Featuring DJ Whoo Kid - We Out


I dont know if somedy cares. Just thought I could tell you.

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If it actauly get it I`ll try it,lol. I`m curious about this tho. I still think Eminem has talent. Encore was very bad.. But who knows, he might do a great thing this time. At least I think its not a bad thing to have him back. I would put him above G-Unit etc. all day.

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I'd give anything to see Em get back to his status in the game a couple of years ago. I know he fell off but I got into hip hop because of Em and I feel he still has potenial.This webite I know will probably have the link for a download when it is released. Anyone know a release date?

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It amazes me that Eminem still has millions of people buy his albums after putting out so much garbage over recent years while hardly anybody except a handful of us cares about if JJFP does another album or KRS-ONE released an album a couple weeks ago, it makes me sad, I rather be checking for MC Hammer's album next week than think about Eminem coming back, it's just ****ed up that the real talented artists get slept on while millions buy into gimmicks like this, I knew he wasn't retiring, it was all a PR stunt and it worked, millions flocked to buy his greatest hits album 'cause they heard he was retiring before it came out, 50 Cent will probably say he's gonna retire before his next album comes out, Bow Wow's doing the same thing now at 19 years old? give me a break please with your damn gimmicks, **** all those wack pop rappers that're taking away from the real mcs and all the people that fall for the gimmicks and then complain about hip-hop's dead, buying albums from garbage rappers like Eminem is the reason why it's dying, maybe if they supported talent over gimmicks then we'd see a change

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