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New track: The Few Good Things In Life


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Well, technically its the best track cause we got the mic working well.. but when it comes down to beats.. its kind of weak even to be us.

Btw, the PHH 2006... soon you can hold your breath.

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Listen up, let me tell you something sad

People seems to think I sell something bad

Why? Well I walked to school yesterday

When a guy screamed Heeeeeeeeeeeey

I asked him whats up man, what you want?

He said you know what I want, a blunt

I told him I aint got that kind of stuff,

He asked me if I really was serious,

I said yes and asked him why he asked me

You got an hawaii shirt and are hot as a lady

I couldnt believe it, so I walked away

And more was to happen the same day,

Everyone asked me if I had some drugs,

They all where dressed like gangsta thugs

But also tiny girls asked me,

And if I sold to everyone, I would have passed E

It was a hot summer day on the beach,

But I kept the shirt on cuz I hate the heat

A man without clothes wanted some pot,

but I didnt answer him cus he wasnt hot,

I took a swim and people gathered around my shirt

But they didnt find any dirt,

So they all got disappointed like LLs fanbase

They searched for another trace,

but didnt find anything so I got away,

at least until the next day...

I got stopped by a cop what a flop

I said it aint drugs, its hiphop

He saw a photo of my grandpas boat

Drugboat, he said and took my shirt and my coat

I hade to go to the one station in this nation,

Where all the policeman ate bacon,

I sat down and there I am yet today,

Because bacon is something I do not hate

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