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"Tears Fallin Like Our Future"

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Da Homeboyz & Big Willie - Tears Falling Like Our Future


You wake up every morning to wonder who’s gone

This nightmare never ends, like a growing lawn

Violence is taking over this once peaceful place

Now people don’t respect each other’s race

Once a great neighborhood, is now just a hood

Houses are going up in flames, faster then wood

Bullets firing at the innocent people, without reason

People are going to kill, no matter what the season

Diseases everywhere, you gotta be careful, wit sex

Each of your friends is dying, ya wonder who's next

Thousands of kids dying of hunger every single day

If you complain, but ya don’t do something’, ya gotta say

Kids bring guns to school, and murdering other children

Building going’ up in flames, but we gotta keep building’

People murdering each other over religion and color

Serial killers don’t care, they just shoot every other


When does it end, how does it stop, when will we know

Must we pretend that we are not still feeling sorrow?

How can we defend people when this pain is never ending?

When our strength is feeble, the worlds hope descending

And with the hate we bring, even winners turn to losers

Like April showers in spring, tears falling like our future

[Mi$ta Money]

What’s up wit America these days? they just talk lies

Yo, when a person gets shot, it aint a big surprise

2 survive in this world, ya gotta be quick, like a viper

BUT, at the same time swift 2 not get shot by sum sniper

What people don’t know is that sum parents DO understand

People killing each other over their stupid land

Tears falling like our future, we need assistance

Like a terrorist, they never feel 4 resistance

It seems like people hate ya, you don’t no where 2 turn

What if schools closed? What would the kids go and learn?

The war must stop, we have 2 much 2 loose

We need new news, not like all this old news

People killing each other, just for sum stupid dime


Yeah together like us in dis soulful rhyme

We’re expressing our disagreement

Wit the society dat could be good only while dreaming'

Lets make it happen, our dreams a reality

We're starting dis and we hope you'll follow it

Hip-hop is the tool to bring the light

Para arreglar todos los errores que hay

Y no me averguenzo de improvisar ante ustedes

De hacerles ver lo que hacen malditos dementes

Esto es verdadero Rap social, puro y real

Da Homeboyz y Big Willie erradicando todo el mal...


[big Willie]

Break free from the destruction, remove the disasters

Overcome the hatred, and hope we can re-master

Bring back the peace, displace hate with tranquility

Make love the only resource for living freely

If this hate continues then more families will mourn

And it extinguishes the hope of peace being formed

Racial confrontations fuel for the terrorist attacks

Skin is a outer layer, whether your white or black

It don’t matter where you’re from, heritage or beliefs

Because all the world is longing for is some relief

Penetrating my cerebral, adding confusion to my strain

My insides are paralyzed, over flooded by my pain

The source for tears I’m crying, my stress is multiplying

Sometimes I feel the only escape for me is dying

Ultimate elimination causes the utter contemplation

Within the devastation feel the wars illustrations

The world’s contamination feeding pain to the nation

While there’s discrimination there can’t be relation

We accept brutalization we overlook the poverty

World leaders being blinded by their own authority

Being compressed by the stress it’s giving to me

I’ve got so much on my chest I just wanna break free


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That was cool Big Willie. Me and Prince (and some other ppl i think) used to write together a few years back. I dont know if prince remembers it so well, but if he does, im sure he has a copy stashed away sumwhere. LOl...

good job on that guys...



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No Jaime, nowhere to download :lolsign: no recording has taken place.

Thanks Cookies. Prince is the king of past links so he probably has a few. He showed me some old battles the other day on the WSFD actually. So I'm sure he has some. :2thumbs:

Thanks for the comments.

Edited by Big Willie
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NO , okay , then WTF , Someone contact will , say he has a hit on his hands man , this is a dope lyric , send it to him , cause im very sure he 'll like it .

sh*t i surely do ,so you realy need to record it , besides , then we know what he is doing ,while all this silence :P

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