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Can I Be Sumthin?


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It's about the life situation of a good friend.


I take a look in the future, what i see is crossroads,

dark room, I'm broke, like i've got no doe,

me on a platforn, left stairs up, right stairs down,

I wanna fly touch clouds, but the light get out,

I think I've made it, this is fame, well I think so,

is this fame, like they say it is, or I'm still broke,

I feel hope, this can't be the bottom, I must be above,

I feel nearness, I'm fearless, trust me it's love,

All my life I've been nuttin', I just never made it,

my life was unicolored, time to renovate it,

it took so much time, so so hard work,

I wanna be in the middle, no more suburb,

I finaly did it, I think so and light get vivid,

dark room, It's just me, well I'm still livin',

me on a platform, left stairs up, right is nuttin',

Only one question left, can I be sumthin?

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