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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Can Will Smith rebuild the Fresh-Prince? OR Is there no need!?

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I say no need but i want another FP/JJ Album :bat: :bat: :bat:

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I would say no need for him to rebuild 'Fresh Prince". The Fresh Prince was all about Will in his younger years, but he (and Jazz) has progressed onward and upward so much, it only seems the natural thing to do for me as a fan,... is 2 just appreciate "Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince" for their "pioneer" ~ contributions, and just look forward to the day when they decide to bring us some more JJFP flavours from who they are AND represent today, as two entertainers coming together again, yet able to explore their own paths seperately...

i dunno,... maybe im just havin simple thoughts here...but that seems to be a simple 'logical 'idea' to me, when fans keep askin questions like this...



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Somebody already asked this question?

***Goes back to the drawing board and maps out another question***

I wanna see will when he's 60 years old rappin with Jazz! I might have to sell him my slog King Of Bel-Air!

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It's all the same 2 me. When u look at his music, he's pretty much where u'd expect him 2 be. He keeps it fresh, but his lyrics, sound, and subject matter have always naturally progressed 2 where he is right now.

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