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Faces Behind Post III

Da Brakes

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Max u never told us the real story behind your pic.

Oh... I was in Ebony Magazine a few years back... This black high school seniors thing. I was applying for college scholarships, and my guidance counselor got me to apply to for one that Ebony was offering, so I applied, thinking there was money involved, and won along with like 15 or so other people around the US. At the time, I was applying for so much stuff that I didn't really read all the awards stuff, so when they sent me the letter, I thought I was getting money, but it was only an appearance in the magazine. But it was cool. The picture I posted was from the photoshoot, and it appeared in the magazine along with a short write up. They wanted to take the picture in a setting that would reflect what the students were going to study in college, so they had me in the Chem lab, and the photographer thought it'd be cute if I wore a lab apron. :paperbag:

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