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DMX in new song "We in here"

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Basically they're all saying the same thing we're saying, DMX's dissing Jay-Z/La Reid(Def Jam management) for having them jack 'Switch' for Rhianna's first ever single and releasing that before his single last summer, he also says I line in that verse making fun of La Reid wearing Chinese Slippers so it's obvious that was his intentions

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I dont know about u, but i can only laugh at dmx. dont get me wrong, i understand hes upset about the releases and he might be a good mc (i havent heard enough of his stuff to know). the thing is i get the image that he tries to be big and bad and cool and all that, but dissing a little girl who just turned 18..? is he gonna go after the kindergarden in his next song or what? he should be angry at the record company and not a kid whos just happy to get a chance.

oh by the way, rihanna is so hot :)

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Yeah I can't lie, Rhianna's bangin', she's gonna be my future baby mama :wiggle:

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