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LL Cool J: 'I Do What Comes Natural, What I Love'


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I think the G.O.A.T. aint immature at all.. "Cant Think", "Homicide" where probably 2 of the most serious songs of his career..

I think it was way allot better than 10, Definiton etc.. It was rough, it was for the streets. "The streets was requesting some original LL..". Thats what we got, and thats waht I want again..

And by the way, on the level of his lyrics he didnt loose his Ego. "Feel The Beat", "Watch Want" etc. are songs where he says he the best. He also said in that interview Ted posted not to long ago that he things he still the best doing this.. That with Albums like "All World", "G.O.A.T" etc. he just came back to show the he`s still the best doing it. And that was a interview with aunderground Hip Hop Site, so thats more credible than Billboard.. I think he talked more straight with the other ones.

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i agree with you turntable...and i love the LL that came on G.O.A.T, it was original street LL, thats my favourite album of his ever and i hope he continues to come like that.....but 10 was filled with rnb joints and definition was more club type songs especially with timbaland producing a lot of songs on that album....im not sure what to expect on his new album but from what ive heard so far he has a lot of different flavors on that one :lolsign:

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