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Schnazz vs Cozmo D: Quarter Final 2



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I'm spitten hotter than the devils kiss on this diss

Knocking your ego to the abyss, my rhymes never miss

Your just pissed cuz you miss your glory days

So you call your junk classic, imagining your still a craze

Snap back to reality gramps, you're experiencing an Alzheimer haze

These days your only praise is for not slowing folks on the highways

Here's your education, a colonoscopy is your only penetration

Stop venting your frustration over the act of your castration

Please, return to obscurity with a little maturity

And don't worry, I'll keep paying your Social Security

Let's make this clear, I don't need rapper of the year

I already have a career that'll rival that of king lear

I just write rhymes to unwind at night by the fire light

They come out tight cuz my wit knocks egos from their height

Folks find me compellen' cuz I'm the Magellan of the cerebellum

Exploring thoughts and destroyen' the ignorance rebellion

Do you submit? Are you ready to quit in a fit?

How about I talk your lingo for a bit and kick old sh!t

Moon boots, watchen' Roots, playen rubix cube

Russian Threat, Chia Pet, Dallas on the 'tube

Black Michael, business cycle, Black Monday on Wall Street

Ginsu Knives, Miami Vice, Ying Ying is now in heat

Gnip-Gnops, Fraggle Rock, Cosby get' his show

Hostages free, MTV, kids are told to Just Say No

Moonies Marry, Freddy's scary, Reagan gets shot at

Lenon dies, Challenger flies, Grenada sees combat

Compact Discs, Halloween risk, Belushi dies of drugs

Helen Erupts, Oliver's corrupt, colors are donned by thugs

I guess I'm going too high for you go understand my plan

Alright man, I'll try and explain it as simple as I can

Give it up and stop your rhyming about this and that

Cuz coz, you're too old to hang with this young cat

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